This is very cool. Artist Richard Sargent dashed off this little sketch of, like, every robot ever made:

I think I’ve found WALL-E, as well as some of my other old robotic pals: R2-D2 and C-3PO of course, Klaatu, Bender, Rosie, B-9 from Lost in Space, and the Humping Robot. There are also a lot I don’t recognize, and some that I would just as soon forget like the lame ass robot from The Black Hole.

I’m still looking for H.E.L.P.eR., AMEE, both Marvins, and of course Crow, Tom Servo, and Gypsy. I’ll be seriously pissed if my MST3K bots aren’t represented.

How many can you name? I’d love your input here (Input! Yeah, where’s Number 5?), but you can actually use the numbered guide and enter a contest to win a signed poster. Hurry though, the deadline is August 31.

OK, I’d better post this and do some house cleaning. Has anybody seen my Roomba?

PS. For cheating purposes, the source of all knowledge has a pretty good list of fictional robots.

PPS. I made a mistake up there, mad kudos to the first person who points it out.

PPPS. Number 5 isn’t who you think it is.


9 thoughts on “Graph of the Week – Where’s WALL-E?

  1. OMG this rocks!
    I recognize so many of my favorite childhood robots, oh, the wave of nostalgia that just knocked me over! lol

    I can’t believe they tossed in the robot from Rocky! lol He was so lame. I see Scooter (where’s Bumble Bee?) and Twink, the one from Go Bots, and the virgin alert nanny from Space Balls lol also the Brass robot from Return to Oz and Yaaaay! A Tatchikoma from GITS.

    Uh, isn’t he called Johnny 5?
    and where’s The Terminator?

    • You know a lot of robots that I don’t know.
      The Arnold version of Terminator is #18, the Robert Patrick version might be #21, not sure.
      Yes, Joan Rivers bot is in there, and you’re right the bot from ‘Short Circuit’ is named Johnny 5. Seen him yet?
      I did find Tom Servo from MST3K (#155) and the movie version of Marvin the Paranoid Android (#119) . Also, possibly the lamest of them all, the robotic owl from ‘Clash of the Titans’ (#87).

  2. BTW, calling “Johnny 5” “Number 5” isn’t the mistake I was thinking of. I completely misnamed one of the other robots.
    C’mon classic sci-fi fans, mad kudos are waiting!

  3. Ooh Ooh! I thought Gort was the robot and Klaatu an alien…? Do I get kudos? (I watch old films quite a bit)

    • Yes! Mad kudos in abundance. You are the first person to point out that Klaatu was not the name of the robot in TDTESS. Klaatu always seemed like a more roboty name than Gort, apparently other folks agree since you’re the only one in 9 months to point out my mistake.
      Much love and respect to a fellow old movie fan 🙂

      • YES!!! I got it!! Yay!! I have the geekiest grin on my face right now hahaha Old movies rock. Ahhh the innocence of former generations… 🙂

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