“All I know is the child is my warrant,
and if he is not the word of God,
then God never spoke.”

the world was not like this when we made you
when your mother took my seed
and god formed you in her belly.
it was beautiful once
i wish you could have seen it.
not all of it, of course,
there were bad places, and bad people
but most places and people were good
at least we liked to believe that they were.
now that world is gone.
there is no life
no hope
except the fire that you carry in your heart.

i know that this is a big burden to place on you,
but there it is.

Inspired by The Road, and the original book by Cormac McCarthy.


14 thoughts on “it was beautiful once

    • Thanks Mc! The photo is actually a poster for the movie, I just chopped off the top part.
      Both the film and book are amazing, it made me think of how sorry I am (sometimes) to have brought Boodles into a world that’s so screwed up, but then I think that she is so awesome that she will be able to make the world better.

  1. What a wonderful day it will be when parents can offer thier children a safe and peaceful world instead of the hot mess and dismal future we have now.

    Very soulful poem. It speaks to a parent’s unspoken desire for their children to have something better.

    • Thanks MDR!
      That would be a wonderful day…but I’m afraid I’m not overly confident that we will be able to offer our children that in our lifetime.

    • Possibly.
      As bleak as my outlook often is, I am occasionally filled with hope that our children’s generation will make things better. That hope usually swells after I have a conversation with a certain amazing, smart, funny 8 year old.

  2. This is such a sad commentary! I am way more hopeful than you for the future. Yeah, I think we are all gonna go through some tough times for sure with the economy and everything, but I have this perverse optimism that stubbornly holds up the little bit of light and love and joy of humanity that we were all born with (and slowly fades as we get older.)
    You have Boodles. What else matters? You have people who care and who read your blog and think you are an amazing writer. You have a job that allows you to observe humanity and amuses you with that absurdity. The unknown will always creep you out if you let it. Don’t go there. But now I’m on the verge of becoming a bit Hallmark-ish, so I will stop.
    Love you, Joe!

    • Thank you Crystal
      Let me first say you just be as Hallmarkish as you want to be. Secondly, the poem was my reaction to the movie version of ‘The Road’ which I had just seen on DVD, as well as the original book which I read a year ago. The story is about a post apocalyptic world that is dying, and about the love between a man and his son as they try to make their way through it and survive.
      I included Boodles in the post because it did make me think about how messed up the world we currently live in is, but things are not as bleak as in ‘The Road,’ of course. I do have hope, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be alive right now. I am grateful for all those things you listed…very.
      We do have to struggle as adults to hold on to “the little bit of light and love and joy of humanity that we were all born with” and most days I can. It’s what the father in the story calls “carrying the fire.” I’m carrying it, and I refuse to let it go out.
      Love you too, and thank you for your comments always.

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