This is insanely cool. Those of us of “a certain age” grew up with these cartoons. Now a Chilean graphic artist named Juan Pablo Bravo has put them all together in chronological order. I’ve included some screen shots, but you’ll have to see the whole thing to totally capture how awesome it is. Bravo indeed!


Not sure I agree that Wilma and the Rubbles are secondary characters, but at least he didn’t include that stupid Gazoo.

One of my faves, it wasn’t until I saw some episodes on Cartoon Network as an adult that I realized that Top Cat was pretty much a cartoon version of Sgt. Bilko, just like The Flintstones was a toon version of The Honeymooners.

The coolest show with the coolest theme song EVER! Of course the show is now known as the inspiration for Adult Swim’s great The Venture Bros.

Rooby and Raggy are more fondly remembered than they were actually worth much, although Eddie Izzard thinks that they are “two of the most major characters in American Literature.” I dug the Globetrotters too.

After this era I pretty much lost interest, but Hanna-Barbera still kept cranking them out into the 90s. When you see most of this stuff now it doesn’t hold up, but check out the graphic and let me know what your favorite cartoon memories are. I would love to hear from some other people who remember these shows and other cartoons.


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