A list of my code names, acronyms, and aliases.

  • AMB: A Misplaced Boy.
  • Boodles: My nickname for my daughter. A combination of my “boo” whom I love “oodles.”
  • Christian But: As in, “I’m a Christian but I’m not a Republican,” “I’m a Christian but I’m open to the possibility that God may have used an evolutionary process while creating the earth,” “I’m a Christian but I don’t believe that all gays are automatically going to hell.”
  • ECRU: Evangelical Conservative Religious University – A school where Tania taught and I got my Bachelors in Social Work.
  • Extensive Research: Ten minutes on Wikipedia.
  • Fervent Readers: Um…that would be you.
  • FOTW: Fail of the Week – I used to put them up on Wednesdays, now I put them up whenever I find a good one. And I reserve the right to post an occasional “win.”
  • GOTW: Graph of the Week – Again, whenever I find a good one I’ll put it up. So the “of the Week” part is now a misnomer. Sorry.
  • NSFA: Not safe for anywhere. Usually reserved for posts that contain nudity, harsh language, or excessive violence.
  • Tania: My ex, Boodles’ mother.
  • Urban Assault Vehicle (UAV): My car, an extremely tiny SUV. Yeah, I don’t need to compensate.
  • WTF: Welcome to Finland.
  • WeownyouMart: A name I used to call the big store where I used to work.

4 thoughts on “A Misplaced Glossary

  1. Ann – Thanks for the kind thoughts. You can look at the tags and follow the tags that interest you. I’m thinking about maybe putting a “best of” tag or something to indicate the posts that I worked hard on/am proud of. “Best of” seems a little egotastic though. I’m open to suggestions on that one.

    Brown-eyed girl – Thank you SO much, that’s quite an honor. Well, you know I am your #1 source for news that concerns politics, religion, and monkeys. Although I’ve been rather derelict in my reporting about monkeys.

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