So last week I did a stupid thing.

My excuse is I was sick, living in a constant Benedryl fog. But I was sick of hearing the news about the Supreme Court voting in favor of gay marriage, seeing half of my friends putting rainbows on their pages, seeing the other half denouncing it and saying that it was one more reason God was going to rain justice on the US. And I was sick…not just physically, I was sick of being stuck in the middle. Sick of being in the closet as a straight man who supports gays and their right to love each other.

So on June 27th at 5:18pm I got up off my sick bed, went to the Facebook Celebrate Pride app and rainbowed by profile pic. Then I wrote and posted this:

June 27 at 5:30pm ·

Yes. On this historic week in our history I am coming out as an ally. As a friend and family member of gays and lesbians who will now be counted as supporting them in living their lives in the open.

I know this will shock and disturb some of you who love me, but it comes from a place of love, and I can no longer stand in the shadows.

I know some of you will want to argue with me. I won’t engage in it. There’s no point. I won’t change your mind, and you won’t change mine.

Some of you may think that this is a brave stand for me to make. I assure you it is not. I have felt this way for years after praying and crying with countless men for God to “heal them” of their homosexuality. But their feelings didn’t change. Mine did. I came to accept that although I am able to find love in the “normal” heterosexual way, not everyone is. Why should they be denied love? So I finally chose this week when no lesser body than the US Supreme Court came out in favor of gay marriage to come out as an ally. Not very brave, but now it is done and I too can be myself.

For those among my friends and family who will disagree with me, I ask you to pray for me. Again, I WILL NOT argue, especially not here on Facebook. I don’t expect you to agree, I don’t even know if I can ask for your acceptance. I just ask you to understand that this is from my heart.

Love, Joe

Except I didn’t write “Joe.” I wrote my real name. The time is fast approaching when I come out to more than selected friends about my blog and a lot more things about me that they may not like. But first steps first.

The reaction has been interesting to say the least. I’ll share more about it in upcoming posts.


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