The Stink of Flesh

Scott Phillips

Kurly Tlapoyawa – Matool
Ross Kelly – Nathan
Diva – Dexy/Additional Zombie Moans
Billy Garberina – Mandel
Kristin Hansen – Sassy
Devin O’Leary – Vega
Bryan Gallegos – Spooky Kid

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 31 May 2005 (USA)

USA: Not Rated
IMDb: 4.4/10
Netflix: 2.1/5


Don’t move in with Nathan and Dexy.

So The Stink of Flesh asks the question that really is on everyone’s lips: How will we maintain a commitment to our alternative lifestyle when the zombie apocalypse turns most of the population into drooling, flesh eating creatures with bad breath?

Let’s take the case of Dexy and Nathan, a happily married couple who live out in the desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Well, they are happy as long as Nathan can procure a steady stream of strapping young men for the insatiable Dexy to have sex with while Nathan watches. No big. Every healthy marriage requires a few sacrifices right? Well one day Dexy says to Nathan “I got the ache again, baby doll. Find me someone to play with.” What’s a devoted husband to do but drive into town in spite of the zombies and find her someone.

That someone turns out to be Matool, a young dude who likes to fight and kill zombies with a hammer. Like you do. Matool has just rescued a young lady from becoming an entree and is extremely perturbed to find out that she doesn’t want to do it with him. So he’s a keeper.

Nathan brings Matool back to Dexy and he is servicing the account satisfactorily until Dexy’s sister Sassy shows up and starts spanking him. Again…what else is there to do in post apocalypse New Mexico? Presumably Zombie Walter White isn’t cooking meth anymore. But you could warn a dude.

Oh, and did I mention that Sassy has a deformed twin growing out of her stomach? Yes it’s that kind of a movie.

I imagine that the writer/director was aiming for something that combined morbid comedy and sexploitation, and it might have worked if he had just gone for it…and hired real actors. The sex isn’t graphic, even the zombies aren’t that gross. There are buckets of blood but I can’t imagine that it would satisfy anyone who’s turned on by gore, deviant sex, or both.

The Misplaced Boy MST3K Scale:

The question that my long standing fervent readers will be asking is this: Is TSOF worse than your fourth Random Movie Zombie Lake? Yes. It’s poorly acted, cheap, and has less nudity. It has earned our first…


Dr. Clayton Deborah Susan Forrester

I’m afraid to look, but zombie porn must be a thing right? Just go find some of that and leave this piece of trash alone.





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