The Daddy and his daughter are working on homemade thank you cards for Christmas/New Years gifts.

Daddy: “So, here’s a question for you. You still like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry right?”

Daughter: “Yes.”

Daddy: “Have you heard that they don’t get along?”

Daughter: “I think Katy said something like, ‘How come Taylor can’t keep a boyfriend for more than three months?’ Which is kind of true.”

Daddy: “So if they had a fight who would win?”

Daughter: “Probably Katy Perry. Taylor’s pretty skinny.”


Daddy: “OK, now I’m not saying that I want this to happen, but what if it was a fight TO THE DEATH? Who would you want to survive?”

Daughter: “Taylor. Definitely. Because Katy…most of her songs are clean but she swears in some of them.”

Daddy: “What about One Direction? Do you still like them?”

Daughter: “Well, I’m kind of getting tired of hearing about doors so I don’t like One Direction as much as I used to.”

Daddy: “Doors?”

Daughter: “Yeah, they’re totally obsessed with doors.”

Daddy: “So if One Direction and Taylor Swift had a fight to the death? You’re clearly rooting for Taylor.”

Daughter: “Of course…but there’s no way. There are five boys in One Direction against one skinny girl.”

Daddy: “Yes, but Taylor has superpowers.”

Daughter: “She does?”

Daddy: “Oh yeah. One Direction is teaming up against her and she can just shake them off.”

Daughter: “Oh yeah. Shake shake shake. Shake them off. Yeah.”

Daddy: “Haters gonna hate hate hate hate and 1D’s gonna fight fight fight fight fight but Taylor’s gonna shake shake shake shake shake.”

Daughter: “Shake ’em off. Shake ’em off. Yeah.”

Daddy: “In fact she can shake so much that the earth opens up and swallows One Direction.”

Daughter: “That would actually be a pretty awesome superpower to have.”

Daddy: “As long as you didn’t use it in California. Too many earthquake faults.”

Daughter: “Good thing Taylor lives in New York now.”

The Daddy and his daughter went back to work. The daughter no doubt thinking about what an awesome superhero Taylor Swift would be…and how often pop stars fight to the death.


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