So, while I have been busy getting readjusted to being back in California, managing to keep a job for over a year, falling in and out of love, and living behind what us LA snobs call “the Orange Curtain,” I neglected to notice a milestone that I passed a few weeks ago.

On June 8, this blog turned five. Like many five year-olds, this blog has staggered and fallen and…well, let’s be honest…produced a lot of shit.

When the blog first started it was an exercise in honesty, it was a therapeutic healing experience and I met some new friends and got reaquainted with some old friends who were encouraging both of my writing and my quest to make my way back to California, back to my daughter, and to become less misplaced.

Somewhere along the way, even before I came back to Cal and twice-weekly contact with my precious Boodles…the blog and its audience seems to have changed. The support and the comments have dried up.

I blame myself. I’m not as painfully and playfully honest as I used to be. I lost the taste for it. Even if I still want to return to that, funny and painful things keep happening to me, I just can’t seem to write about them.

So I plod on with Random Movie Reviews and the occasional shorter piece. But even though WordPress assures me that people see them, they don’t seem to connect with anybody.

Where do we go from here? Do I keep trying? Do I get back to writing the story of my life?

Does anybody out there still care? I’ve begged for comments before and I get a sparse response.

It seems like maybe this is a good time for a decision. The blog is only five but the author just turned 56. Still somewhat young by modern standards, but not a good moment to waste time.


6 thoughts on “Time Doth…

  1. Well, you already know what I think. I pine for something you might once again tell that makes me both laugh and cry. I’m not sure I’m worthy of begging you to write, since I will not myself, but ok…..please? It’s been way too long. Nevermind about your absence, now you are here, and I beg for a crumb of a story 🙂
    You’ve been missed.

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