Perro Come Perro (Dog Eat Dog)

Carlos Moreno

Alonso Torres, Carlos Moreno

Marlon Moreno – Victor Peñaranda
Óscar Borda – Eusebio Benitez
Álvaro Rodríguez – Silvio Sierra
Blas Jaramillo – El Orejón
Paulina Rivas – La bruja Iris
Diego Quijano – Don Pablo
Gianina Arana – Muchacha

Country: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Release Dates: 
18 January 2008 (Sundance Film Festival)
18 April 2008 Colombia


Ariel Awards, Mexico 2009

Silver Ariel
Best Latin-American Film (Mejor Película Iberoamericana)
Carlos Moreno

 Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland 2009

Grand Prix
Carlos Moreno

 Goya Awards, Spain 2009

Best Spanish Language Foreign Film (Mejor Película Hispanoamericana)
Carlos Moreno

Gramado Film Festival, Brazil 2008

Golden Kikito
Latin Film Competiton – Best Actor (Longa Metragem em 35mm, Latinos – Melhor Ator)
Marlon Moreno
Óscar Borda
Latin Film Competiton – Best Cinematography (Longa Metragem em 35mm, Latinos – Melhor Fotografia)
Juan Carlos Gil
Latin Film Competiton – Best Director (Longa Metragem em 35mm, Latinos – Melhor Diretor)
Carlos Moreno
Kikito Critics Prize
Carlos Moreno

Guadalajara Mexican Film Festival 2008

Mayahuel Award
Best Actor
Marlon Moreno

Huelva Latin American Film Festival, Spain 2008

Silver Colon
Carlos Moreno (screenwriter)
Alonso Torres (screenwriter)
Best screenplay
Carlos Moreno (screenwriter)
Alonso Torres (screenwriter)

Lima Latin American Film Festival, Peru 2008

Best First Work
Second Prize
Carlos Moreno

Sundance Film Festival, USA 2008

Grand Jury Prize
World Cinema – Dramatic
Carlos Moreno

Flickchart Global Ranking: 38046
IMDb: 6.7/10


Marlon Moreno as Peñaranda

“These animals became bad.” – El Orejón

The phrase “dog eat dog” connotes a world where desperate people will do anything they have to do to survive, including turning their back on whatever moral standards they might have. This is an especially ripe topic for crime fiction, and especially movies, dating back to the Film Noir and Depression Gangster genres. If we ever start to harbor any ill-conceived notions about honor among thieves, a quick tour through crime movies from Reservoir Dogs and The Godfather on back will cure that.

Perro Come Perro is a kick ass crime movie from Colombia. It’s like the best of the Scorsese/Tarantino genre with a bit of mysticism and black magic thrown in for flavor. PCP centers on two low-level gangsters named Peñaranda and Benitez who are stuck together in a dumpy Cali hotel room waiting for instructions from crime boss “El Orejón” (Big Ears) and his abhorrent but entertaining associate Sierra. A large sum of money has gone missing and El Orejón wants Peñaranda, Benitez, and Sierra to find it at any cost.


Óscar Borda as Benitez

Although they didn’t know each other before becoming partners and reluctant roommates, Peñaranda and Benitez have one thing in common: Just prior to their meeting they both committed acts that appear to have sealed their respective dooms. I’m not familiar with any of these Colombian actors, but they’re all excellent, especially Marlon Moreno (Peñaranda) and Óscar Borda (Benitez). They do a great job of showing two men whose lives are slowly being sucked out of them due to fear, guilt, and sickness.

Oh…about sickness. I don’t think I’ve fully explained this yet, but here’s the rule: If you show somebody throwing up in a movie, you automatically lose a point, maybe more depending on how gross it is. I’m squeamish about that sort of thing. Sex, profanity, violence (within reason), even a toilet overflowing with shit, I can take all that but if anybody tosses their cookies, you lose a point. No exceptions.

The Misplaced Boy MST3K Scale:

There are the aforementioned scenes containing yawns of the Technicolor variety, and one scene at the very end that could have used a little more explanation, but Perro Come Perro is gritty, absorbing, and the violence isn’t over the top. Like I said, if you’re a fan of crime movies by Tarantino et al – and you can read subtitles – you’ll probably enjoy it.







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