So it occurs to me that, because I have been quite frank about my occasional questions about the usefulness of life and specifically my staying in it, my recent absence from your favorite blog might be a cause for concern.

You needn’t worry. I’m quite ok. Le blog has been on hold for the simple reason that my laptop died in January and I’ve been searching for a suitable replacement (and let’s be honest – the $$$ with which to do so). I have finally ordered a refurbished HP online and I should be back in business soon.

As much as I love and depend upon my Samsung Galaxy phone it’s a quite clunky way to compose a blog post so that’s why there haven’t been any…but I didn’t want my fervent readers to worry about me.

To reiterate: Joe’s laptop is dead, Joe is quite alive and doing well. As threatened, a random movie review of Evan Almighty is forthcoming along with a new Daddy/Daughter conversation and anything else my fevered little brain comes up with.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.



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