So this is going to be an uncharacteristically brief post to say that the day that I have hoped and prayed would come is finally nearly here. If all goes according to plan I will get on the road first thing in the morning, heading for California and my daughter. The first phase of this journey will take me to Kansas City to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and some of the family there.

While I’m there she is going to help me make some phone calls to try to arrange housing in So Cal. Even if we aren’t able to do that, I’m not going to let that stop me. If I have to stay at a weekly motel for a few weeks while I look for housing, that’s OK. While I’m on that subject though, If anyone out there knows of a room for rent, etc, drop me a line at misplacedboy09@gmail.com

This has been a long, painful journey for me, but I can see God’s hand in it. Just today I thought that I would need a new battery because my car wasn’t holding a charge. Upon closer inspection I just needed a new battery post, and the battery is fine. A $15 fix as opposed to upwards of $100 for a new battery 🙂

I will probably post a longer post about this momentous change in my life, and I will try to file some updates from the road; but who knows how long it will take before I am settled in somewhere and can get back to “normal.” It might be a while before you get any new Movie Reviews etc.

For all my Fervent Readers and friends. I can’t thank you enough for your support and love. I ask for your prayers and happy thoughts as I start this next chapter.

Love, Your (soon to be slightly less misplaced) Misplaced Boy



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