Now & Later

Philippe Diaz

Shari Solanis – Angela
Keller Wortham – Bill (as James Wortham)
Luis Fernandez-Gil – Luis
Anas Khalaf – Clinic Doctor #1
Kenneth Alan James – Clinic Doctor #2
Adrian Quinonez – Diego
Marcellina Walker – Sally



Release Date:
USA – 16 August 2009: Downtown Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)

Metacritic: 24/100
Netflix: 3.4/5
Rotten Tomatoes: 25% (12 Reviews – No Consensus)

Shari Solanis and James Wortham

Now & Later is not a movie based on the beloved candy – but don’t put it past Hollywood, they’re already making big screen versions of board games. No, Now & Later refers to the nicknames the movie’s main characters give each other.

Bill is a former international banker (or, as he puts it “Master of the Universe”) in LA who got too greedy, committed fraud, and has jumped bail. His former driver, Luis, is helping smuggle him out of the country – there’s a switch for you – but he needs to hide out for a few days. Bill stays with Luis’ friend Angela, a beautiful Latina who lives in a rooftop apartment in Downtown LA.

Angela is a free spirit, an undocumented immigrant from Nicaragua, she opens up Bill’s world to both the geopolitical consequences of American actions and to free love.

Lots of free love. See the advisory in the above poster? Take that seriously, this is one of those movies like 9 Songs and some of Lars von Trier’s films that – though not considered pornography – contains graphic, unsimulated sex.

When Angela and Bill aren’t, as LL Cool J would say doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it, they manage to discuss not just sexual mores, but world history, especially that of Nicaragua. Angela’s parents were Sandinistas and were both killed by the Reagan backed Contras. These segments can get a little preachy and didactic, and Bill comes across as ridiculously naive. I guess it’s possible that a white boy who lives in Brentwood could have a blind eye to the global mischief that the US did in the 80s. But it’s doubtful, especially after what Bush and the neocons pulled in the 00s.

The Noam Chomsky worldview and 60s era sexual freedom are the dual focal points of the movie. Bill can’t believe that Angela volunteers every day as a nurse at a free clinic, but earning and saving money doesn’t figure into her life. She lives in the moment, so much so that Bill nicknames her “Now.” She retorts by calling him “Later” because part of the reason he got in trouble was by trying to build up a financial nest egg for…later. I reckon there should be a balance between living in the Now but planning for Later, but in this movie (spoiler alert) Now pretty much wins.

Aside from their…um…enthusiastic participation in the film, neither of the principles really come off as great actors. James (or Keller) Wortham seems kind of dull, but maybe that’s because he played Bill that way. Shari Solanis is a bit better as a warm and sexy hippie for the zeros. As far as the movie itself, I don’t really think it worked for me. It seemed to be torn between whether it wanted to be a social commentary or a sex romp, and it didn’t really succeed at either.

The Misplaced Boy MST3K Scale:

If you’re looking for social commentary some of the documentaries previewed on the disc would probably be more interesting and enlightening, and if you’re looking for porn…well…go find some porn.

Dr. Laurence Erhardt

Random Quote Whore Quote

Now & Later is an uncontaminated, unvisited, heptameter of a movie! James Wortham is reptilelike!!!

Closing Love Theme

Or maybe I should say Opening Lust Theme? Anyway, in honor of Bill and Angela’s favorite aerobic activity, here’s the aforementioned LL Cool J song:





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