So, I’m still here at my sister’s, dealing with the physical and emotional task of packing the car and heading back to California. Not sure when that’s gonna happen, there is not a job or a permanent place to live out there yet.

But the timetable has been moved back a couple weeks because I started to get pain in my right hand that traveled up to my elbow then up to my shoulder blades. At first I thought it was carpal tunnel, then maybe a pinched nerve, then I started to get a rash and blisters.

Yeah. Some of you are way ahead of me. At the doctor’s office they told me what it was right away. Not zombie hands, shingles.

Sorry that the above pictures aren’t very good, they are the best I could do with my cell phone. And it got more purple after I took that one. Holy crapsicles though. Ugly right? They seriously were zombie hands.

Painful as hell too, which is why I haven’t been on here or Twitter and Facebook much. As you can see it affected my right hand and wrist so writing and playing on the computer for any period of time was not happening. Admittedly I have a low pain threshold too. I’ve never broken a bone, pulled a muscle, or given birth so I’m a big weenie when it comes to pain…but I’m pretty sure that this is the worst pain that has been experienced by anyone ever.

Hands down.

Pun intended.

But, a truckload of Acyclovir and Hydrocodone later the zombiness and pain are started to diminish and I may survive. I’ll keep you posted.


12 thoughts on “Zombie Hands

  1. Heya Handsome; yeah, I’ve been a bit MIA as well (apologies). My mom had the shingles recently and said it was VERY painful indeed, so I’m sorry you had to go through that. The pain and suffering of any species, always disturbs me; no one should have to suffer like that…

    Best of luck and sanity during your eventual move to the land of L.A.; send me a picture of palm trees will ya? They make me miss home… *hugs* ^_~

    • Thanks Pearl!
      Yeah, zombies are scary. One site I read said that to fight shingles it was good to eat lots of protein. It didn’t specify whether that protein should be in the form of…BRAINS!!!

      • Geez…what’s the matter with me? I’m scaring away one of my precious fervent readers.
        Look away and have no fear, my dear. My zombie hand won’t hurt you.

      • Somewhere in the depths of my blog, there is a story about dining with George Romero. Unable to eat my pasta, because, well, you know, it looked like….I can’t say it.
        He was ever so complimented.
        He was like the Godfather of the Zombie, after all, wasn’t he? I’d never forgotten Dawn of the Dead….it ruined me on pasta, for years.
        I hope your hand doesn’t start doing weird things….

      • Not to worry, even when zombified my hand is a complete gentleman…and it is now preoccupied with finding that story 🙂

  2. My friend Adrian had shingles once. We stopped-by his apartment to surprise him with pizza, warm beer and an impromptu rendition of ‘Shingle Bells’. It weren’t even the Yuletide season. Oh how we laughed.

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