So I mowed the lawn in front of my Mother’s house for the last time this past weekend.

On Sunday night I took her garbage can to the curb for the last time.

On Monday we moved the last boxes and bins over to Iris’ garage. Just before the new owner arrived for her last walk-through before closing.

We gathered all the keys and garage door remotes, and put them on a ring for the new owner. I walked through the house to see if we had forgotten anything. I noticed that the front bathroom didn’t have any toilet paper. Seems like bad form to me to leave a new occupant stranded on the porcelain island sans papier. I went over to Iris’ and brought back a roll.

I finished walking through the house for the last time.

I thanked the house for taking care of my mother, and closed the door for the last time.

Art: Closing door, originally uploaded by Arman_Zhenikeyev.


8 thoughts on “Lasting Effect

  1. Ugh… An experience a lot of people can’t yet identify with, but (unfortunately) someday may…

    *Hugs* to you my friend, love you.

    • Thanks Pheebs.
      Yeah, we will all face the loss of our parents eventually. Unless we go first, which I don’t recommend.

    • And yet blessings and tragedies are often mixed. The closing of this door opens up the door to get me back to Boodles where I belong. 2268.

  2. I like it when you say, “where I belong”/”where you belong”. You said it to me several weeks ago and it struck a chord. #2268

    • Well, I definitely belong with my Boodles. And I just tell you that you belong in Hamerica because I’m selfish.
      It is good to know where you belong, though. Even if you’re not there yet.

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