So your favorite blog is going to take a break.

No, not like that.

Not like this either…although it’s a hint about one of my upcoming Random Movie Reviews. The term “Electric Boogaloo” may come up 😉

No, this is more like it. Mom’s house is sold so I’m packing up, getting rid of things, and moving in with my sister Iris for what I hope will be no more than a few months, then I’ll be packing up and heading for California. Yeehaw!

Ahem. Sorry.

So I’ll be busy for the next little bit. In the meantime, you can use this as an opportunity to catch up (and comment on) old posts. Look at the tags and see what looks interesting. Or, here’s something fun: Go to the top left of your screen, hover your mouse over “A Misplaced Boy,” then go down to “Random Post,” and enjoy the misplaced goodness.

Don’t worry, I’ll still obsessively check my stats and respond to new comments. I just have to concentrate on other things right now…but I’ll be baaaaaack.

Love, Joe


2 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. Well, it’s perfectly understandable; moving can be a BYOTCH!
    I wish you a successful move and then another one after that 😉

    I like that you’ll soon be in my time zone!

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