So, currently, to hundreds of people a day I’m just the annoying guy at the mall telling them that I will buy their gold, silver, and platinum for top dollar. They don’t know who I really am.

Some of them stop and talk. They still don’t know.

Who am I? I am so many different people, which one do you want?

To a large group of people who live mostly in the western states, I am family. A very interesting concept: Family. You can’t choose them; you just have to make the best of the one that you land in. All things considered, I landed in a pretty good one.

To many I am an acquaintance. A decent guy. A bit hard to get to know.

To a select few, I am a friend. Somehow they got underneath the radar that protects me from people getting too close. Most of them find me pretty funny. Most of them find out that I am very loyal and honest.

Some of the above decide that they don’t want to be my friend anymore. I would say that this was never my fault, but that would violate the thing I just said about being honest.

To an even smaller group of women, I am an ex. These are very special, very rare women who saw past my social awkwardness/extra weight/not enough hair in the right places and gave me a chance. I’m actually still in touch with most of them. I think they think fondly of me, I hope so. I sure think fondly of them.

To one of the above, I am an ex-husband. We were friends before, we went through hell together, and we’re friends again.

To one person – the result of that union, my precious Boodles – I am a Daddy, and I hung the moon. This inflated opinion of me will be challenged in a few years when I start disapproving of every boy who expresses interest in her.

And…strangely…those boys will all disappear without a trace. Hmm.

I am told by other Daddies that her love for me will never truly diminish.

And then there is you, my fervent readers. To you I am (I hope) a brilliant writer who shares his thoughts, his fears, his hopes, and the occasional cheap laugh.

Who am I? I am so many different people, which one do you want?

Art: Masks, originally uploaded by exfordy.


12 thoughts on “Persona e

  1. To me, you are the one voice in that sea of online acquaintances; the fellow word smith who I trust beyond all others to “Really Get Me” (even if you don’t reeeeally Get Me at times). I’m glad to have met that man, even when my brain’s too mushy and lazy to post a comment, it’s still giving a sentimental Thumbs Up.

    Remember at work, you’re not “That Man”, you’re THEEE MAN!

    • Thanks, Pheebs. It’s a nice thing, to be “got.” Gotten? Getted?
      However you say it, the longer I live the more I realize what a special and rare gift that is.

  2. Joe,

    Who we are and who we perceive ourselves to be rarely adds up to the same sum (we usually give ourselves the short end of the stick) but to me you are an inspiration.

    Brown-eyed Girl

    • Wow! I don’t know what to say BEG. You are MVB&BF ;-).
      On my trip back to Cali (hopefully in a couple of months), maybe I can stop by and catch up with you and Mare Hon.

    • Thank you, Lorre…and to you and everyone else who has commented, please forgive how long it’s taken me to respond. My usually dodgy web connection has been even more useless this week.

    • Thank you, sweetie! I’m really bad about accepting awards and then not following up on them. But since this one doesn’t come with any rules, etc. It will be easier.
      Now, if I can figure out the whole “widget” thing we’ll be in business.
      Seriously though, thank you for showing me and my little blog some love.

      • You’re very welcome and thank you so much You are loved is now on your page 🙂
        Here is the small version of it. I hope it will work…

        Have fun dear 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks Cheyelle, it is 10:54 in the PM and I am thankful for your fervency, and I am a fervent viewer of you on YT!

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