Mutual Appreciation

Andrew Bujalski

Andrew Bujalski

Justin Rice – Alan
Rachel Clift – Ellie
Andrew Bujalski – Lawrence
Seung-Min Lee – Sara
Pamela Corkey – Patricia
Kevin Micka – Dennis



Release Dates:
USA – 13 March 2005 (South by Southwest Film Festival)
Spain – 19 May 2006 (Peñíscola Comedy Film Festival)
USA – 1 September 2006 (New York City)
Norway – 21 November 2006
Canada – 5 January 2007
UK – 4 May 2007

2005 Newport International Film Festival (Newport, RI – USA) – Best Screenplay: Andrew Bujalski

2006 Peñíscola Comedy Film Festival (Peñíscola, Spain) – Best Actress: Rachel Clift

UK: 15
IMDb: 6.9/10
Metacritic: 84/100
Netflix: 2.9/5 Rotten Tomatoes: 88% (Fresh)

Yeah…so…a weird thing happened. There’s this movie that came up. It’s…OK…well it’s a random movie that came up from one of my…random movie things. Whatever.

It’s a movie about all these twentysomethings in New York. Well, one of them is from Boston, but he’s just moved to New York and he’s hanging around a lot with this old friend of his. And his friend’s girlfriend. And he’s attracted to the girlfriend, and they have a moment. But nothing happened, except something

And…you know…that’s…pretty much that’s the whole movie.

And you know what else is weird? In this movie, scenes end just as it looks like things might get

You want a beer or something? Or a Dr. Pepper? I’ve got beer.

OK, I don’t have beer. But I have some soy sauce that’s gone bad. Does soy sauce go bad?

Anyway, the guy is in a band. Well, he’s between bands. But he has a gig.

I think this must be a student film, because it’s in black and white. And I don’t think that’s a artistic choice.

I’m not sure any artistic choices were made. Am I being mean? I don’t mean to be mean. Wow…I just said the word “mean” a lot. But it’s fine. It’s good.

It’s just that…it’s just gotten really weird between this movie and I. A little bit. But not really. But, yeah, a little weird.

The Misplaced Boy MST3K Scale:

Wikipedia says that Mutual Appreciation is part of a genre called “mumblecore.” Wow. A whole genre about twentysomethings who don’t make any sense and where nothing ever happens.

Dude. Keep that shit in Austin.

Observer/Brain Guy

Random Quote Whore Quote:

Mutual Appreciation is a nonsyntonical, guaranteed, bore of a movie! Justin Rice is trimmed!!!


4 thoughts on “Random Movie Review – Mutual Appreciation

  1. So Joe wrote a movie review. The honest truth is that what made me click and read is that he kinda sounded pathetic on FB like he really NEEDED readers. And so in my own twisted need to be needed I read it. And then I realize its this weird movie genre that I wouldn’t even think once about watching if it were just me, but it isn’t. Its Joe and his blog. And he needs a commentator. So I’ve already almost forgotten the movie but I’m thinking about Joe and how he sort of offered a beer if I would read it. Which is one of those offers you can put on the internet and be guaranteed that nobody will expect you to come through with. – a real beer, that is. But I am thinking that a beer with Joe would be awesome. And I just had a beer. But I’m thinking that if Joe walked through the door I would probably pop open another one for both of us just to be social even though I usually don’t drink more than one beer. – that one beer only thing is just me and has nothing to do with principles or ethics or health or addictions. Which made me think of Joe because he has been so forthright and open about his mental/emotional issues. And I know we all have baggage but we don’t all talk about it. Then I think that if Joe walked in and I popped open beers for both of us than maybe we would have a really great talk and maybe a great laugh and it would be so amazing to see him again. But then I thought what if it isn’t? Like, what if Joe walks in the room and after popping open the obligatory beers we end up staring at the floor and the ceiling and everywhere except at each other because there is this huge span of time that has elapsed since the last time we saw each other and what if we kind of get that let down feeling as we both realize simultaneously that whatever we had in common in the past has remained stubbornly in the past and we can’t nudge it into the present. And that would be the worst thing in the world to happen. And then I thought that that is just BS because it wouldn’t ever be that way. So then I got happy again. Happy for the imaginary beers that we would share together in my living room. And then I had this super sappy memory of the song that Joe and our class sang together at the end of the course as we held hands. “Friends are friends are forever…” HAHAHAHA! Remember that, Joe? So ’80’s! So some day Joe when you need a beer, give me a heads up so I can have a cold one ready for you. I promise I won’t stare at the ceiling.

    • Hey Crystal, a beer (or two) with you would be awesome. Even the occasional lapses in conversation would be awesome because we would just laugh about them. Glad you enjoyed my silly review of an even sillier movie. Actually, it wasn’t silly enough. A silly movie might have been worth watching.
      Thanks for reading, commenting, and being my friend forever, cause “the Lord’s the Lord of them.”

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