So after a rough couple of weeks, some things to smile about:

My Family (not pictured above)

I just got back from Fresno, CA where we buried Mom. My sister Iris payed through the nose to fly her and myself there for the memorial and burial. Yes, I will reimburse her when we settle Mom’s estate, but she had to pay a lot of $$$ up front for my broke ass.

We had a very bittersweet time with our other sister and lots of cousins who live in Cal. Lot’s of stories, laughs, tears, great food, and singing (everybody in my family has some musical talent except for me). We put Mom in the same plot where we buried Daddy in 2000. They are together again on Earth and in Heaven.

Time with Boodles

Boodles and Tania were planning to drive to Fresno for the memorial, but Tania had a health issue and she couldn’t drive that long of a distance…but my other sister (I’m going to call her KC, because that’s where she lives) and BIL were driving to see some of his family in Lancaster, CA on Saturday night. We jumped through some hoops with Delta (never an easy process), Tania and Boodles drove to Lancaster (just a two hour drive), and Boodles and I got to spend Sat night and part of Sunday together. We then drove to LAX and I caught a flight back out here.

We only had about 19 hours together, but we made the most of it. We camped out together in the living room and snuggled. We played soccer in the back yard (she creamed me by seven points), we picked berries and seed pods from the backyard and made “breakfast,” we watched movies and snuggled some more, we played Nintendo, we talked and prayed for her Mama and her Aunt Iris who’s sad because both her Mom and her husband just died. Boodles said that our day together was the most fun she’s ever had. Me too!

And finally…

This Crazy Video

Enjoy the craziness and the acid jazz, but the girl in the video isn’t just eye candy with questionable dancing skills. Her name is Sigrún Jónsdóttir and she actually plays clarinet in the Icelandic band Orphic Oxtra. Apparently she got access to some greenscreen video equipment at school and the magic that you see above is the happy result.

My favorite part is the cat.


6 thoughts on “3 More Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Glad you’re back and that you at least got to spend time with your family. It sounds as if your mother’s life was celebrated and remembered; which is ultimately the best way to morn the passing of a loved one.

    *warm hugs*

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