So I put out a new round of applications this week through Monster and Career Builder, and lookie what I got, an e-mail with an offer to become a secret agent!

Attn: Shopper,

You have been qualified to become a secret agent,where you be will
surveying different shops like walmart,western union etc and give us a detailed
report on them without their knowledge.

We request you to forward us your resume asap.If resume is not handy kindly
email us your following details below:



I’m sure it’s a scam. Even though “Bub” doesn’t ask me for a checking account number I’m sure he will eventually.

Better watch out, Bub. I’ve got a license to kill.


6 thoughts on “Boy…Misplaced Boy

  1. I got the same email yesterday 01/25/12. It was sent from email saying there name was Bub-Rice. Yes, there is a period at the end of his name. When I check the email address it came from it says “noreply@att.net. This is a SCAM or hidden virus attached to the email. There was no attachment & my Norton security said it was a clean email. Don’t know how this person is going to scam people if the return address does not exist. Unless its a hidden address if you click the reply button.. I forwarded the email to spam@uce.gov. Recommend everybody that reads this post, check out the FBI website… http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/e-scams …. I’ve got numerous emails stating the same thing. I’ve never signed up for Monster. I’ve only signed up for Government, Navy, or the mandatory website that unemployed Californians are required to sign up for when they apply for unemployment. I was recently involuntarily discharged from the Navy due to their mismanagement of manpower Vs. ratings (jobs).

    • (Cue the 007 Theme)
      Well, I am a tad younger than Sean Connery, but we do have the same hairstyle (now, not in the 007 days).

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