So I keep coming across this quote lately, mostly by people who have posted in on Facebook:

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

It’s one of those motivational sayings, suitable for framing and hanging on the wall of your office, cublicle, gym, anywhere that you could use some encouragement to keep going.

The quote is often attributed to Confucius. Of course, a lot of things are attributed to Confucius. Seriously, somebody must have been following Confucius around and writing down everything he said: “Wow, my butt is itchy. Stop it! Don’t write that!!!”

Confucius was a chatty little dude and came out with a lot of pithy quotes, mostly starting with “he who:”

He who will not economize will have to agonize.

He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good.

He who buys his beloved flowers marked 50% off can expect her clothing to remain 100% on.

I made that last one up, but you can see how easy it is. Just slap “Confucius Say” and “hee hoo” to anything. Who can tell? He lived in 500 BC.

I wonder if Confucius, Plato, and Socrates ever get together in the afterlife and argue about who has been more misquoted over the years. I would imagine Confucius would be winning the day until Jesus comes along and tells them they’re all a bunch of lightweights.

But back to the quote. I wonder why I keep seeing it lately. Is it for me? Is it a sign from God? Is it the universe trying to encourage me? Or is it me seeing what I want to see, to make me feel better about myself? I think about my progress: Getting the mental illness under control, getting a real job, getting back to California and Boodles. My progress is so slow, not even turtle slow, glacially slow. Just when it seems like I make a little headway, I hit a roadblock.

What do you think, my fervent readers? Is it true? I mean, obviously it’s true…but is it really true or am I just hearing what I want to hear?

While looking for the picture that you see at the top of the post I also came across this one:

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

I dunno, for some reason I like this one better. It tells me that, yes, if you get off the couch (or more appropriately for me, out of bed), take a shower, put on your big boy pants, and DO SOMETHING, then you will make progress.


2 thoughts on “Is It True?

  1. “Wow, my butt is itchy. Stop it! Don’t write that!!!” I almsot lost my coffee laughing 😉
    I copy my own quotes sometimes from comments I make…I look and say “WOW!!! I could be famous for my quotes since I know I am already a legend of my own kind…” (I rhyme other words with that last word.)
    You make smiles,

    • A legend in your own mind? You have to appreciate your own stuff, that’s how it starts.
      It’s funny, not that I’m crazy old but I’ve lived long enough that every once in a while an old friend or family member will remind me of something I said once and I’ll think “Wow…I said that? That’s pretty good.”

      I was rather proud of the “Don’t write that” thing. Glad you liked it. You make me smile too.

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