This is the second time I’ve tried this…sorry if you’ve seen it twice.
My internet access is down, and I’m not feeling great, but I wanted to wish you all a happy new year so I’m attempting to post via phone. Typing on this phone is a real paln ub tje asd¡
I will get back to regular posts as soon as I can.
Love, Jpw

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9 thoughts on “A “Phony” Post

  1. Yeah, right, you’re just keeping us waiting for that 2011 “wrap up post”. And as for all the faux-predictive text “errors” at the end of this post – nice try, but kinda reminds me of when I had to chew (and swallow) many of my my school textbooks just so the teacher would believe the crock I gave about the dog eating my “homework”. Shame on you, young man. Shame ;o)

    • You caught me (hangs his head in shame), re the text errors anyway. I’m getting better at typing on this thing…but it’s still a pain. About being sans internet at home though, it’s sadly true. I will try to drag my sick butt out to someplace with wi-fi asap so I can do a proper post.

  2. Busted! LOL. You rest up and get better, my dear. Plenty of time for toblogganing* when you’re back to your old self. x.

    *a mash-up of ‘blogging’ & ‘tobogganing’

    • Thank you…I’ve received a couple of blog awards and technically I accept them, but I never seem to get around to posting and following the rules. I will try to correct that.
      I’m honored and very pleased that you like what I do.

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