So, in these times of economic uncertainty and political upheaval it’s sometimes hard to find things to smile about. I’m afraid that some of my recent bittersweet posts may have added to the malaise, ennui, and other French words that some of us are currently experiencing.

In an effort to compensate, and lighten the mood somewhat, I present you with three things that make me smile:

1. This house in Rocklin, California and their homemade Calvin and Hobbes Christmas decorations. Click on the picture to embiggen. Courtesy of Neatorama.

2. An elephant on a trampoline! I’ve been looking at this thing for hours. It’s hypnotic. I know it’s not real, but who cares? It’s an elephant! On a freaking trampoline!!!

3. You. Yeah, you, my fervent readers. You’re awesome. There I said it.


10 thoughts on “3 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Well I wish I could be a bit more fervent (contradiction? ;), but I’m happy to find pockets of time which allow me to stop by and be moved, entertained, enlightened or inspired.

    PS. Look’at that elephant fly!

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