circling the drain on level six
i don’t want to stay
i can see level seven
looks like heaven
and just as far away

on level seven there are people, and love
(and lots of parking spaces)
a girl for every boy
no one without joy
an exaltation of smiling faces

if there was a ramp, just one level up
i would dive into the mix
but it’s all in vain
i’m circling the drain
still stuck on level six

Artwork: Monkey Gone To Heaven Copyright © Simon Larbalestier 2009 All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “somnolence V

  1. Another well-done moody piece! Reading this I feel like sipping strong coffee at a French sidewalk cafe while discussing philosophy and poets while cigar smoke rings hang in the air. I haven’t taken up cigars yet but if you were so inclined, I would be your glad companion. 🙂
    By the way, I haven’t ever noticed level seven and I certainly don’t know anyone who lives there. Its gotta suck to be on level five though!

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