Rodrigo García

Ronnie Christensen

Anne Hathaway – Claire
Patrick Wilson – Eric
Andre Braugher – Perry
Dianne Wiest – Toni
David Morse – Arkin
William B. Davis – Jack
Ryan Robbins – Dean
Clea DuVall – Shannon

Canada, USA


Release Dates:
USA – 24 October 2008
France – 11 March 2009
Canada – 12 May 2009
UK – 27 July 2009

USA – PG13
IMDB – 5.6/10
Metacritic – 40/100
Netflix – 3.2/5

OK, I’m not sure what to do with this one. This might be the shortest one of these Random Movie Reviews I’ve done. There’s a plane crash, and Anne Hathway is a grief counselor named Claire who is assigned to provide therapy to the survivors. But nothing is as it seems. Andre Braugher plays her boss, who doesn’t seem to have an office. Dianne Wiest plays the nosiest neighbor since Gladys Kravitz. Then there’s the handsome passenger who keeps flirting with Claire.

As both a former patient and (lousy) practitioner of therapy I’m always amazed at movies like The Prince of Tides where therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists have sex with their patients without even a word of acknowledgement that they are doing something wrong. I know movies aren’t reality but they could have at least had Dr. Lowenstien (Barbra Striesand) say, “Oy I could lose my license for this mishegas!”

Because she plays a Jewish New Yorker see?

Anyway, at least in this movie Claire initially fends off Eric’s advances by telling him that sex with a patient is an ethical violation.

But again, nothing is as it appears in this movie, and that might be a weakness or a strength. I kind of was ready to savage it until I figured out what was really happening, then in the end I was actually moved.

Passengers will remind you of other films, one in particular, but if I mention it then it will spoil the film’s surprises. Does it all hold together? Not sure. Sort of. What really makes it worth seeing for me are the performances of the supporting players like Braugher, Wiest, David Morse, and Clea DuVall. If you don’t like any of the above actors then don’t bother. I think they’re all great.

The Misplaced Boy MST3K Scale:

Maybe I’m being generous, but I recommend it and I’m giving it a solid…

Tom Servo

Random Quote Whore Quote:

Passengers is a subrotund, numerical, reality of a movie! Anne Hathaway is contagious!!!


2 thoughts on “Random Movie Review – Passengers

  1. Hlo from NYC, NY. My name is Drew Simels. I wonder if you have watched Passngers since you wrote the review. I don’t agre with your review when you question whether the movie holds together. I had a wonderful tiime with the movie. I was hoping to find out something definitive about the movie in the course of an information search

    • No, I haven’t seen the movie again. Actually I said that the movie “sort of” held together. I recommended it based on the performances and gave it a Tom Servo, which is the equivalent of a 7. That’s more than most have given it.
      But even though we may disagree, I appreciate your comment Drew, come back anytime.

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