Magnificent Team (Fai seung ging chaat)

AKA: 非常警察 (Translates to “Unusual Police” according to Babel Fish)

David Lam

Wong Ho Wah

Francis Ng – Tai Chi Chung
Amanda Lee – Madam Fong
Christine Ng – Hooker
Simon Lui – Chiu
Karen Tong – Mimi
Herman Chan – Wing
Shiu Hung Hui – Sergeant Yau
Michael Lam – Two Stroke
Meng Lo – Boss King

Hong Kong


Release Date:
1998 – Hong Kong

Hong Kong & USA: Not Rated
IMDB: 4.1/10 (Based on 7 votes)
Netflix: 1.9/5

This is an odd little movie. Even the DVD disc is weird. I have an ancient (by technology standards) combination DVD player/VCR, the VCR has been dead for a long time and the DVD player is on its last leg. Half of the time when I put a DVD in an error message comes up telling me that the disc can’t be played. If I eject the disc and try again, it will play. Sometimes I have to eject and insert the disc several times before it will play. Sometimes I have to eject and insert the disc several times and hold my mouth just right. Sometimes I have to eject and insert the disc several times, hold my mouth just right, and do a dance to appease the DVD gods. Sometimes even after all that, it still won’t work and I have to play it on my laptop.

Well I told you this DVD was weird. This one will play fine on my ancient (20th Century) DVD player but not on the laptop. The DVD gods must be crazy.

But onto the movie itself. Well, there have been a lot of good action movies to come out of Hong Kong. This isn’t one of them. The basic story line is that a young female cop (Amanda Lee) is put in charge of a team of cops. The irony of the title is that this bunch is far from a magnificent team. One of them is overweight, slow, and hates to use his gun; another one faints or throws up when she sees blood, etc. In fact, they are known by the other cops as the “All Talk No Show Team.” Meanwhile there’s been a rash of very brutal robberies around Hong Kong. Hmmm…I wonder if somehow our heroes are going to end up saving the day? Well, you won’t find out from me. No spoilers here.

I mentioned at the top of the post that Babel Fish translates 非常警察 differently. Well, I think whoever translated the movie for the subtitles must have used Babel Fish because, well here’s a sample of the dialogue. It’s a scene between a man and a woman:

MAN: “Men are all like this. Men must be cocky even if he loves a girl. He must set up tactics to win the girl. Don’t worry, I’ll do you a good show.”

WOMAN: “Let’s watch on.”

Now, you know that I appreciate subtitles, but there’s another problem with the ones on this movie: They are in white lettering with no edging. So there’s one scene where the cop who doesn’t like to use his gun is saying “I haven’t used my gun in 3…” and then he’s wearing a white shirt so you can’t finish the sentence. Three years? Three decades? Three minutes? Because the damn thing won’t play on my laptop, I can’t take a screen cap to show you, but it’s a problem.

Like I said, I can’t show it to you but this scene from Austin Powers in Goldmember will give you an idea of the problem:

Also, the acting seems over the top. Maybe it’s the acting, or the direction, or maybe there’s just something lost in translation, but I’ve seen and enjoyed other Hong Kong and Chinese films.

I can’t find any ratings or certifications for the movie, but some of the violence is pretty graphic. It would probably be a PG-13 or maybe an R.

The Misplaced Boy MST3K Scale:

All things considered, I’m going to have to give Magnificent Team my lowest rating yet, a very unmagnificent…

Observer/Brain Guy

Random Quote Whore Quote:

“Magnificent Team is a carpophagous, posttibial, feeling of a movie! Francis Ng is squashed!!!”


2 thoughts on “Random Movie Review – Magnificent Team

  1. I was just chatting with my friend about this the other day over lunch . Don’t know how we landed on the topic really, they brought it up. I do recall eating a amazing chicken salad with sunflower seeds on it. I digress…

    • Wow. Seriously? You were chatting with a friend about an obscure, not very good, Hong Kong movie? Oh good. Prove to me you’re not a spambot by telling me where you ate the amazing chicken salad. It sounds delicious.

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