So…again…I probably shouldn’t post this, and if I do I might delete it afterwards but this blog has always been about keeping it real. I started this thing two years ago last June because it seemed like a good idea. It would give me a way to write about what I’m going through in real time, maybe get some feedback. It worked, I think maybe it worked a little too well.

Right off the bat, old friends were encouraging and I met some new friends. I was never happy with the lack of comments but I know people are busy, and to be honest I don’t always comment on your blog either.

But the views have been good. I steadily get about 30-50 views a day.

Now even that seems to be drying up. Most of the views I get these days are for tattoo fails, if it wasn’t for that one post it would be dismal indeed.

I started doing the random movie reviews because it was fun, but those hardly get any comments. When I called for somebody to write a guest review for me the silence was deafening. I’ve been thinking maybe my loyal readers and commenters have felt betrayed by me because I’m not writing from my heart anymore, but when I do write and post something from my heart like yesterday I get nothing.

I’m not saying this to make anybody feel guilty. God knows everybody’s busy trying to keep all the plates spinning in their own lives. But I’m just beginning to wonder if this blog has filled its purpose, and nobody (including me) needs it anymore.

Maybe it has become a distraction for me. Maybe I spend too much time on it that I should be spending on getting my shit together and getting my ass back to California.

Maybe I need to take a break.

Anyway, it would be good to get some honest feedback from those of you who do subscribe to the blog or check it out regularly about what you think? What’s going on for you from the reader’s perspective? Should I keep doing it? Should I take a break for a while? Do you hate the movie reviews?

Please write a comment, because right now a blank comment section seems like a vote of no confidence.

If you don’t want to say what you have to say publicly send an e-mail to misplacedboy09@gmail.com

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, I’ll get over it and I really need your feedback.

Thanks, “Joe”


17 thoughts on “If a blog falls…

  1. I have a feeling OUR problem is: ‘marketing’.

    I’ve got ya bookmarked – I’m often round these sides. Having said that, sometimes I really enjoy ‘lurking’, which precludes commenting. Additionally, even though I LOVE film I do tend to avoid film reviews – for fear of spoilers.

    It’s not for me to say whether you should stop or take a break, but when I feel like time off – I take it (we’re not getting paid for this shit). And it’s never done me any harm. Yeah, I might have lost a few readers, but so what? Ultimately, LIFE is more important than our soapy little blogs. #2268


    • Cheyelle, all I can say is (((((((((((((((((((((((♥))))))))))))))))))))) right back at ya!

      I hear you, and maybe I’ll take a break, or maybe not. It is nice to have a place to rant even if no one’s listening (or reading).

      Re. the movie reviews I try really hard to not to put in spoilers, but I understand. You might be like Tania, my ex, she wanted to be completely surprised by a movie. Other than who was in it and what the name was, she didn’t want to know anything. Part of the fun of catching some of these random movies is being surprised like that.

      Anyway, love you always my favorite across the pond girlfrand.

  2. admittedly I am not a regular reader, I come here occasionally through knowing Cheyelle. But don’t lose heart. I don’t even get 30 views a day, I have a handful of people on subscriptions but no one comments except Cheyelle. You are not alone in your frustration. I keep my blog going for my own benefit, mostly. You put into words well, what I feel sometimes regarding my own blog.

    I hope you keep writing, if only for your own benefit.

    Best wishes.

    • First of all, thank you so much for your encouragement. Isn’t Cheyelle the greatest?
      I have to admit that I’ve gone around to your blog from Cheyelle’s a time or two and found it beautiful and honest, but I haven’t left a comment.
      I do have to remember to be thankful for the # of views and comments I do get and to remember to keep things in perspective.
      Thanks for stopping by, you are welcome anytime.

  3. I read the above comments this morning (it’s currently 6pm here, in France) and they made my day. I bloody love it when my demographic mingles.

    ‘Hello, my name is Cheyelle. I’m on about 20 hits per day.’ It’s true!

    Ever get the feelin’ we should be attending Blogoholics Anonymous? We don’t need more comments – we need a fucking intervention. Mwahahahahaha

    To you both… ♥

    • “My name is Joe, and I’m a blogoholic.”
      McCaffery is a luv, and I’ve added her blog to my ‘If you must go to other websites” list. I feel like we’ve started our own virtual Algonquin Round Table or Inklings group and we have to support each other.

  4. thank you so much Joe, what an honor to be included in a referral list!

    Ever gone to one of these websites that say “what is your blog worth?” Mine came up at >10 visits per day and was worth about $1200.00. I saw another, quite negative blog that was supposedly worth $63,000.00. Huh?

    I am glad to know you both.


    • Likewise 🙂
      Re. “What’s your blog worth?” Two questions:
      1. What’s the link?
      2. Do they send you that in check or cash?

      Loving your blog, seriously. Keep it up!

  5. Hi, Joe. I tried to find the link on the woman’s blog that said her site was worth $63K…now she has removed it or I would send it. Sorry about that, I don’t go to this woman’s blog that often.

    Have a great day!


  6. Oppsies! I was thinking of the following:

    Algonquin |alˈgɒŋkwɪn| (also Algonkin)
    1 a member of a North American Indian people living in Canada along the Ottawa River and its tributaries and westward to the north of Lake Superior.

    I would’ve gone for Dorothy Parker, but I’m more twit than wit (as this thread testifies). 😛

    • My dear Cheyelle, sometimes your brain has trouble keeping up with its own genius. The word “Algonquin” triggered an entirely different circuit and you wound in an Indian tribe instead of in a group of intellectual New Yawkers. Happens to the best of us.

      Don’t despair, remember the sage words of Our Lady Dorothy:

      Razors pain you;
      Rivers are damp;
      Acids stain you;
      And drugs cause cramp.
      Guns aren’t lawful;
      Nooses give;
      Gas smells awful;
      You might as well live.

  7. I relate . . . totally. From December of 2009 until less than a week ago, I made a whopping 1 (that’s right, one) post. There were a lot of reasons and I won’t burden your blog with them. When I came back over half of the blogs I followed were gone. Crazy.

    I’m so glad you did not quit. I might have never found you and that would have been tragic. You make me laugh and you make sense. I am enjoying working my way through your backlog.

    So to do my little part (and it will be little, MDR is in sad shape), I’m adding you to my Blogroll. Mostly I’m doing it ’cause I really like your blog.

    Blog on, Dude.

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