So, I’ve been thinking about trains lately.

I like trains. Trains seem to run through my life, oddly enough, even though I’ve never taken a trip on an actual passenger train. I would like to someday.

I’ve been on subways in LA and Toronto, not in New York though, not yet. Some commuter trains too. My earliest train memory is of my Grandparents’ house in Fresno. They had a train track running right down the middle of their street. I think they just got used to it after so many years, but the trains would come by at all hours and shake the whole house. It would probably bother a normal person, but I loved it.

When we were visiting them, and I was outside playing, I would hear the train coming and get right up to the fence and wait for it. Like I said, the train track was right in the middle of their street, there were two lanes for cars and then the track in between them. As the train got closer and closer, louder and louder, I remember trying to stay at the fence. I was only a few feet away from the train, and as it got close I would always chicken out and run behind the house. Other times we would be sitting out on the porch when the train came by and we would try to get the conductor’s attention to get him to honk the horn. If they saw us, they usually obliged.

Years later, when I was living in So Cal and working in Torrance, I rented a room from a guy who had a trailer. The trailer park was right next to a train track, and just like Grandma and Grandpa’s place the train would come by and shake the whole trailer. It brought back a lot of memories.

This week, I have decided to take some serious action in my life. Instead of succumbing to the creeping depression that seems to take over my brain during these fruitless, jobless days, I’m going to make a solid effort to deal with crap:

  • Keep sending out resumes and applications.
  • Follow up on the ones I’ve already sent.
  • Don’t get discouraged, you’re not the only person in these circumstances.
  • Open mail, sort through old papers.
  • Compile necessary paperwork for bankruptcy.
  • While you do all this, as a treat, you can watch movies (random and otherwise). As long as you don’t get too distracted.
  • As the sun starts to go down and things cool off a bit. Walk down to the park and walk around the fitness track.
    • The track is one mile and the walk to the park is a mile and a half, round trip.
    • The other day I grabbed the pull-up bars and found, to my chagrin, that I can’t even do one measly pull-up. Oh well, something to work on.
  • At the end of the day, you’ll sleep better because you’ve actually accomplished something.

All in all, the goal is:

Think “bullet train,”

…not “train wreck.”

It’s easy to look at my life and see a train wreck, but that’s just the discouragement voices talking. That’s not how my family and loyal friends see me (unless they’re lying, and they wouldn’t do that), and that’s certainly not how God sees me.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at and what I’m doing right now to make some improvements.

I’ll keep you posted,


Art: Train in Vain, originally uploaded by Aperture4Destruction.


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