I know that you’re all still busy finding robots and all, but take a break for a minute and check this one out.

This is a great interactive graph by Natalie Matthews-Ramo, Brahna Siegelberg, Jeremy Singer-Vine, Isabel Slepoy, and Forrest Wickman of Slate.

Because it’s interactive, I can only reproduce a static screenshot showing MY best color. Click to go to the original and taste the rainbow!

Now, just like me I’m sure you will have some opinions about the editorial choices they made regarding which cartoon/comics characters made the cut and which didn’t. I mean, seriously, they put in Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants, but in the yellow part of the spectrum where’s SpongeBob himself? Nowhere, instead they have lame ass Pikachu. What EV!!!

Oh well, it’s still fun. Enjoy!


Roy G. Biv

PS. Correction, SpongeBob is up there. Don’t know why I missed him.

PSS. Pikachu’s still lame though.


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