So I picked a fight with an old friend today. He’s a guy we used to call Big Mac because he was the big man around church, a variation of the big man around campus, which he probably was as well. He was a couple years older than me, good looking, charismatic, he was one of the leaders of our youth group in the Assembly of God church I grew up in. You know the type, the girls dug him and us boys all wanted to be like him.

As expected, he went to Bible College and became a pastor. Like pretty much everyone else from that era, I lost touch with him but have reconnected somewhat on Facebook. Also like many old friends from that era, his theology doesn’t seem to have changed much where mine has evolved (some might say devolved) quite a bit. So has my politics.

Most of Mac’s posts that I’ve seen have been about his grandkids and his church and other not particularly controversial stuff, but early this morning I saw that he posted this picture on his wall:

His caption was “I thought they got this guy. Could explain why we had so much trouble catching him.”

As I’m writing this, six people (including another old friend from church) have “liked” it and there have been a handful of comments like “hiding in plain sight,” “where you’d least expect,” and “lets pray we get rid of him in 2012.” No comments were critical.

I felt like I had to comment, it’s not like I don’t have a sense of humor or that I’m so in love with Obama that I can’t stand to see him picked on (Lord knows I posted my share of swipes at the other guy back in the day), but this is just a stupid, cheap shot.

I thought about it for a while and decided instead of posting a comment publicly that I would send him a private message:

Mac, I didn’t want to call you out on this in public but I’m very disappointed that you posted the picture of Obama as Osama on your wall.

I understand that you, like a lot of other evangelical Christians, don’t like him and his policies, but morphing the President of the United States in with one of our committed enemies is beyond the pale. I have been out of touch with you for a long time, but from what I remember of you and your character, it seems beneath you.

I’m sorry to be so blunt, and if you feel that you need to unfriend me because I support President Obama I’ll understand. You wouldn’t be the first.

I continue to wish you well, and I hope you will take this criticism as constructive and from an old friend and brother in the Lord.

In Him


The 2012 political season is ramping up, and with this past weekend’s Straw Poll in Iowa has pretty much begun. There will be lots of cheap shots on both sides, but here’s my question. Why do only Democrats have to prove that they love this country and God and apple pie? Recently a reporter asked Rick Perry if he thought Obama loved America. Perry’s response was basically, “I dunno, why don’t you ask him?”

Are you kidding me? Where the hell does that come from? It must be because of the fact that when Barack Obama was the governor of Texas that he floated the idea that if the gol-durn guvmint kept going the way it was going that Texas might have to secede from the Union.


Say what you will about John McCain, but when the crazy lady asked him if Barack Obama was an “Arab” he assured her that he wasn’t. As if that matters.

It’s getting hotter and dumber out there kids, and there’s no letup in sight.

As always, I welcome your comments and disagreements, and I’ll let you know if Big Mac unfriends me 😉


3 thoughts on “Ramping Up and Dumbing Down

  1. Yeah, it’s getting quite contentious out there!

    This may sound bias (but I am, so…), but I think Dems consider their disagreement  with Republicans to be a philosophical debate, and Reps consider it to be more of a war.

    In war it’s survival of the fittest and it’s not advantageous to pull punches.

    I’m not saying Dems are saints or anything, but I think our parents had it right all along; “If you boys keep up that roughhousing, someone’s gonna get hurt!”

    Somewhere along the way, someone forgot the fight wasn’t real…

    • Agreed…except that the fight is kind of real. Right now I’m basically without health care because I don’t have a job yet. That wouldn’t be the case in most of the other countries on Earth. That’s because of politics.

      I always say that I follow politics the way other guys follow sports, except that with politics it actually means something who wins.

      Re. Republican vs. Democrats and how they fight, you may be right. From Karl Rove and Breitbart on back to Nixon’s CREEP Unit, Republicans have usually been better at dirty tricks than the Dems have.

  2. I had forgotten about this post, but I ran across it the other day. I think this probably happened a while back, but I checked on FB and, yes, Big Mac unfriended me.

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