So I just got word this morning that Boodles rocked her standardized tests this past year:
English-Language Arts: 418 out of 600 (Advanced Level)
Mathematics: 427 out of 600 (Advanced Level)

This is the back of a card I just put in the mail. Think I may have overdone it with the stickers?



6 thoughts on “Daddy’s Not Proud or Anything

  1. I always put stickers on my letters to my 84 year old mother. She loves stickers. And I think that maybe some postal worker will get a smile to see something bright and wacky come through the piles of boring mail. You want to keep postal workers smiling. Yes, you do.

    • I love that, Crystal (I know who you are even if WordPress doesn’t). I put so many stickers on the envelope and the card that I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if it came back “insufficient postage.”

  2. ahh, its good to be known! Thanks!
    Sometimes the postage stamps can look like stickers. When i worked in a mailroom I saw envelopes delivered with stickers for stamps. Even Easter Seals came through the postal system! I guess somebody is supposed to be checking that, but can you imagine the volume of mail that would have to be checked?

    • That’s crazy! I never thought about that. Of course I would never even dream of doing something like that.

      Note to self: Easter Seals

  3. I approve of the stickers. Back in the day when I mailed checks for my bills, I used to decorate the envelopes with stickers. I figured that the employees opening the mail might need a pick-me-up.

    • Who knew that my readers were so considerate of postal workers and bill openers? Just goes to show you that my blog attracts a very classy readership. 🙂

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