So, I know that the Random and other Movie Reviews have taken over your favorite blog lately. Like I said before I just can’t seem to write heartfelt stuff about my life right now, not that anything I write isn’t from my heart but…

Anyway, every once in a while one of my random movie pickers will churn out something I’m not comfortable watching. I have a pretty strong stomach for sex, language, and some violence but there’s a level of horror (supernatural or not) and/or depictions of human cruelty that I have to draw the line at. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthwhile movies though, I’m not talking about Friday the 13th XCIII: Jason Runs For President or The Human Centipede III (360° Sequence), it’s just that my fragile little brain is messed up enough as it is 🙂

This leaves me with a fantastic opportunity  an opportunity a thing for you. If one of you, my daring fervent readers, would like to do a guest review for me, let me know. You don’t have to follow my format (MST3K Scale etc.) if you don’t want to, there would be no deadline, and I promise I won’t make any editorial changes without your permission.

I also promise that I won’t pay you…except in gratitude, friendship, and the opportunity to have your review seen by tens of blog viewers.

I currently have one movie in mind, but I’m sure others will crop up that I’m too much of a wuss puss to watch. If you are interested:

Thanks, Joe


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