Lately the old bloggerino has been getting a lot of views looking for tattoo fails. As far as I can tell I’ve only done one, so never let it be said that I don’t at least try to give the internet maw what it’s hungry for, here’s a fresh batch of not so fresh ink for your pointing and laughing pleasure:

Comments in italics are mine (mostly).

Hope she doesn’t use spell-check.

“OK Macaulay, point to the tattoo and tell me where the creepy guy with the glove touched you.”

Sadly, shortly after this picture was taken he became a smooth jazz fan.

They must be so proud.


Atlas Shrugged…and so did everybody else.

What a bum…I mean, what a boob…I mean, oh never mind.

There is a strange, silent moment between them.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a terrible CLICKING sound is heard. Frightening black forms are emerging from the darkness. Carl the tattoo artist looks behind him and gasps. Past the figures coming toward him, he sees his own dead body. Before Carl the tattoo artist can cry out, the dark figures swoop down and envelop him. In a flash, his spirit is caught and surges with the dark forces back into the shadows. Far in some invisible distance, we can barely hear him scream.

And then it is silent. It is over.


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