if you want to get me
watch pt anderson’s movie punch drunk love

learn it
know it
live it

it’s like pta and his merry band reached inside my mind
borrowed my dreams
relocated them to the (evil) valley
and hired a thinner dude with more hair to play me

one question though

where’s my emily watson?

You’ve gotta hope that there’s someone for you
As strange as you are
Who can cope with the things that you do
Without trying too hard

Because you can bend the truth
Til it’s suiting you
These things that you’re wrapping all around you
You never know what they will amount to
And your life is just going on without you
It’s the end of the things you know
Here we go

You’ve gotta know that there’s more to this world
Than what you have seen
Because we all have a limited view
Of what it can be

As we move along with our blinders on
Each one of us feels a little stranded
And you can’t explain or understand it
Each one of us on a different planet
And amidst all the to and fro
Someone can say “Hello”
Here we go

The feeling that someone really gets you
It’s something that no one should object to
It could happen today
So I suggest you skip your habit of laying low
It’s the end of the things you know
Here we go

Because someone can say “Hello,
You old so and so,
Here we go”

Here We Go
Punch-Drunk Love’ Soundtrack
Words and Music by Jon Brion

of course, if you don’t want to get me…

"Shut up!!!"


2 thoughts on “if you want to get me

  1. Yes, it’s quite amazing. I believe it’s the first time Adam Sandler stretched himself to do something other than his typical part.

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