We’ve all been there, we reach out for a high five, fist bump, an old fashioned handshake, even a hug, and…nothing. Denied, jilted, dissed, friendship request not accepted. In other words, left hangin’.

It’s not always deliberate, the intended recipient of the gesture may not have noticed you, or he or she may not be familiar with the custom. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she hates your guts for all eternity and wants to kill your grandma, but it seems that way. Seriously, this is how wars get started, and of course if this is in public it can also be embarrassing. You can try a face saving move: If you have one arm and hand stretched out in space, you can quickly throw the other arm up and go for a stretch. “Oh yeah, that felt good. Nope, wasn’t trying to high five somebody. Just stretching the old biceps.”

Well, what’s even worse than being left hangin’ in public? Left hangin’ on TV. Enjoy!

Even mascots get left hangin’ sometimes:

And if you’re not getting any high five love from your teammates, just get some from your imaginary friends:

And, finally, sometimes you try and OH!!! Down goes Frazier!

Anybody out there have any good stories about being left hangin’? Something that happened to you, or that you witnessed? I have a couple but I’m going to save them for until I get some comments.

Come on fervent readers…


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