10:41pm Friday Night

So I’m sitting here at Dennys. A friend used to say that no one plans to go to Dennys, you just end up there.

So here I am, drinking sweet tea and picking at this chopped steak concoction I ordered even though I wasn’t hungry. Dennys is open all night and I need to kill some time because I don’t want to go home yet.

Harley and Iris won’t be a problem, they go to bed with the chickens as my Grandma used to say. Mom, however, is a bit of a night owl. She’s been known to go to bed long after midnight if there’s a good old movie on Turner Classics.

I want to be able to sneak in, take an Ambien or three, get in bed, and forget about this night until tomorrow. I will talk to them eventually, but I just don’t want to have to tell anyone tonight that I just got fired by WalMart.


5 thoughts on “Open All Night

  1. Oh Noooo! – Dude. So sorry to hear that. You were too good for them anyway. Seriously. They did you a favor. Eveyone is gonna tell you to go look for another job right away, but I say go read that epic novel you always wanted to read. Go sit in a public place somewhere – library, coffee shop, park – and throw yourself into a great story for a few days. Then when you have finished the book, you will know you accomplished something wayyyy more worth while than putting in lame hours at Walmart. That is the frame of mind you need to get into for whatever you decide to do next. Because you are a rockstar. That simple.

  2. It could have been worse – you could’ve got a promotion.

    When you check it, you working at Walmart was like Charles Bukowski working at the post office.

    Keep your chin up, lover. x.

    • Yeah, not long after I started working there I vowed that if anyone ever approached me with a management opportunity that they were going to get punched.
      Flattering that you include me in a sentence with Bukowski, we do all have to shovel some shit to get where we want to be.
      Thanks for being my British Girlfrand xoxo

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