So, as I stated earlier, Boodles is coming this week so we’re all excited here and getting ready. I have the week off from Wally World (more on that in a later post…if I can stomach it), and we’re busily making preparations for the arrival of The Princess.

During her last visit, Boodles expressed a dislike for Daddy’s beard. Too scratchy. In fact, pretty much since she has been capable of expressing an opinion she has never been a fan. “I don’t like your beard,” she informed me once when she was about three. “I want you to save it off.” I resisted at the time, but this week I thought, “Why not?” I plan to kiss her little face about 903 million times while she’s here so it won’t kill me to go sans whiskers for a week or so.

Now I’ve worn a beard of some kind for the better part of 30 years. I’ve had to shave it off for jobs and when I was acting in something that required me to be clean shaven. When I first moved to LA I got a job driving for SuperShuttle and those little bastards made me shave my beard off. I composed a little song in my head to cheer me up:

Beard, what will I do without you?
Beard, I don’t even know quite how to
Have you not on my face
Protecting me from the human race

That’s all I can remember…and you can thank the blogging gods that this isn’t a podcast so you don’t have to listen to me sing it. Thank pod?

Just like Evil Spock

Anyway, for Boodles entire eight years my beard has been a goutee (although the above chart would argue that it was more in the Van Dyke area). Normally, I’ve kept a beard for so long that when I do shave it off I lose enough blood to keep Red Cross in business for a week. I guess I have sensitive skin.

So this time I decided to do it differently, for about a minute I thought about going to a barber for a professional shave. I dunno, didn’t want to spend the money, I’ve seen Sweeney Todd too many times, they’ve been advertising that new Gillette ProGlide razor on the TV and they have it on sale at the store (I have brand loyalty to Gillette, no particular reason except that my Dad was a Gillette man) so I bought it.

This is going to sound like advertising but I swear I’m not getting any money for this (hint, hint). I have to say it was quite comfortable, I didn’t bleed as much as I usual, and my face feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I can’t stop touching my face.

I have no idea why I’ve gone on at such length about shaving my freaking beard off. Just excitied about seeing my Boo I guess. Probably won’t be posting much if at all until next week.

See ya then,

Babyface Joe


9 thoughts on “Baby Face

  1. I’d feel like a lesbian if I were to kiss a man sporting the “French Fork” (pictured above) 😛

    Have a brilliant time with Princess Boodles, Joe. I can’t wait to read all about it. #2268


  2. Kiss Boodles 904 million times. You’ll never regret the kisses you gave her, just the one’s you didn’t.

  3. ^^^^
    Mwahahahaha. The ‘Hulihee’ is EPIC…in a Peter Sutcliffe sorta way 😛

    I’m glad sum good times are finding you – “you deserve it”.

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