Via: Engineering Degree

It probably won’t surprise you that I have an opinion on this, but this time I’m actually with the majority. When it comes to #2, I prefer #1. And yes, I have been known to change the roll when it’s been hung wrong.

As always, I welcome your comments on this sensitive issue. I promise I won’t wipe out or smear anybody who disagrees with me, but I may need to ply you for more information so make sure you’re flush with facts.

Over or Under


4 thoughts on “Graph of the Week – Over or Under?

  1. definitely OVER. Changing it when its done wrong is not an issue, because I am always the one to put the new roll on. My husband simply leaves the roll on the bathroom counter until I get to it. I corrected his UNDER mistake too often so he gave up and lets me do it now. We are both happy with the present system, thank you.

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