So lately on our nightly phone call. Boodles and I have been asking each questions.

This was her idea: “Let’s ask questions, it’s fun!” And it is.

It started out with her asking me if I like peanuts. I do. Some of the things that we have found out about each other:

I like grass – until I have to mow it, but even then it’s nice to see your instant progress when you’re mowing a lawn.

If Boodles could only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be a McDonalds “Fish Filet O.” This would be an example of what we call “Boodlespeak,” I’m sure most parents experience this, the word that your child uses may be wrong but is so cute that it instantly replaces the original “correct” word. To Tania and I, the fish offering at Mickey D’s will always be known as a Fish Filet O because the Princess has spoken.

I asked her if she were old enough to drive what kind of car would she want. The answer was a Pink “Slug Bug.” Again, Volkswagen Beetles will henceforth and forevermore be referred to as slug bugs 😀

Her eight year old mind never ceases to amaze. The other night I thought I came up with a pretty creative question, but the creativity of her answer blew me away:

“If you could be a superhero,” I asked, “What would your superpower be?”

She hardly hesitated. “Flower Power!”

Of course I was expecting her to say flying, being invisible, super strength. But Flower Power? So I asked her what flower power was.

“Instead of killing the bad guys or putting them in jail, you turn them into flowers. Then they don’t do bad things anymore and they make everything more pretty!”

We discussed a few other details, such as if the flower dies does the bad guy turned flower also die. She decided that they probably do, so if any supervillains out there decide to mess with Boodles, pray that she turns you into a perennial. Then I had to ask her where she came up with Flower Power? Since I’m not exposed to the cartoons she watches these days, I didn’t know if it was something that she got from TV or school. She said that she had heard of “flower power,” probably from her Mama or another grownup old enough to remember the 60s, but that the actual use as a superpower was completely off the top of her amazing little head.

So the other night I asked her if she had a question for me, and she did: “How come I’m your only child?”

After a few seconds of stammering, I eventually said something like, “Well your Mommy and I got to a point where we didn’t love each other the way a Mommy and Daddy should. But we’ll always love you.”

“But, why am I your only child?”

I didn’t know where to go at this point. I knew that she is far too smart to accept a BS answer like “Honey you are SOOO perfect that we just couldn’t do any better. So we stopped.” Although that is true. She is perfect.

Too many emotions, too little sleep, not enough Effexor in my system, for whatever reason this question was getting to me. But I tried again:

“Well, honey. Your Mommy and I will always be good friends and we’ll always be your Mommy and Daddy, but if we were going to have other children we would still have to be living together as a Husband and Wife…and we just didn’t love each other like that.”

“I wish you were still living here,” she said, “So I could see you every day and we could play.”

No longer able to keep my voice from cracking, I said “I know, baby. I know.”

After a second or two, she said, “Let’s talk about something else.”


4 thoughts on “Question Time

    • I actually just finished mowing my Mom’s and Sister’s lawns so I do feel like quite the Lawnmower man…but less satyrical than Stephen King’s version.

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