It is just after midnight. The Daddy is sitting in a dark, unused corner of the store: The waiting room of the Tire and Lube Center. He is talking on his cell phone to his eight year old daughter who is 2,268 miles and three time zones away:

Daughter: Daddy, wanna hear something funny?

Daddy: Of course!

Daughter: I had a funny dream last night. I dreamed that I was at school and we were all playing outside and this boy started saying, “Hey! What am I doing in a girl’s dream??”

The Daddy and Daughter both laugh.

Daddy: Wow! He didn’t want to be in a girl’s dream huh?

Daughter: Yeah, he’s a boy and he wanted to be in a boy’s dream!

Daddy: That’s funny, sweetie. Is this a real boy that you know or just a boy that was in the dream?

Daughter: It’s a boy at school named Jared. I think he likes me.

Daddy: He does?

Daughter: Yeah. I think so.

Daddy: Oh no. I don’t know if I’m ready for a boy to like you.

Daughter: Oh Daddy, you’re so funny.

After they finish talking, the Daddy makes a mental note to research how much it costs to hire a junior hit man.


3 thoughts on “…and so it begins – Daddy and Daughter Phone Call II

    • You two are the best!
      Yeah, I figure I still have a couple years before everything I say gets the eye roll and “Whatever Father.”

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