So I’ve been in a funk lately, I guess that’s why I haven’t posted anything.

Not suicidal, not a danger to self or others, just in a funk.

Just funky, Funkadelic, Grand Funk Railroad. Not even sure why. I mean…the usual stuff. WalMart. Missing Boodles. Struggling with inertia to get myself up and moving in a positive direction. Maybe it’s the whole Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown thing that started it…or the fact that we are now in a third war in the middle east against yet another boneheaded dictator whose name nobody can agree on how to spell.

But I still have faith. And I can still laugh. And all of my fingers, toes, and appendages work. My brain too most of the time. And I know that there are a lot of people out there that are going through much tougher times than I am. I was just reading a blog by a woman who’s going through chemo-freaking-therapy right now. Geez.

So that’s it. I just wanted to update my fervent readers. Maybe by putting it out there I’ll see the light the end of the funky tunnel.

Thanks for being there,


Art: filigree funk., originally uploaded by brewskizzlr.

3 thoughts on “A View From A Funk

  1. Walmart funk is a real mind bender! To brave aisles of Always Low Prices for obvious reasons day after day for hours at a time… its gotta do something to you. But you are right in that the real tragedies of life we have all heard about recently reveal that even Walmart funk is made of plastic crap.

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