last night i had a dream where i had a choice to make

two alluring women were in love with me

one was someone i knew back in los angeles,

her name was geneviève.

the other one was carlito’s way era penelope ann miller.

it was a very hard choice

but in the end it came down to practicalities:

i decided that in the throes of passion

it would be much easier to scream “oh geneviève!”

than “oh carlito’s way era penelope ann miller!”

so i chose geneviève

and told a tearful carlito’s way era penelope ann miller that it was not to be

later, i lovingly went down on geneviève;

gently exploring her

discovering her olive skin

her sweet salty taste

her teeth ???

she tried to assure me that i needn’t worry

that they were wisdom teeth, not incisors

she wants to have them removed but her insurance doesn’t cover vagina dentata


even in dreams i make bad choices


4 thoughts on “somnolence II

    • I don’t think there’s much you CAN do.

      As I always tell Boodles, “What am I gonna do with you? Oh yeah, love you forever.”

  1. ok, so I’m still laughing at this dream. – WISDOM teeth?? Seriously?
    You have left yourself way open for analysis with this one, dude!

    • The crazy part is that I embellished/used creative license on a couple of things but the wisdom teeth is 100% from the dream. Yeah…an analyst would have a field day with this one.

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