you are there waiting for me at the end of the day



you don’t ask me anything

you don’t expect anything

i don’t have to be witty

you don’t want to know anything about my day



you just welcome me into your cotton polyester blend arms

you are your own faith

your own god

but you don’t tell me the truth

you show me a world where my problems have been solved

or never started

she still loves me

i still hold the tiny one’s hand

the beast stalks someone else

then i find out that none of it is true

but i keep coming back to you

i raise my head and try to rise

but your cotton polyester blend arms are too strong

and i fall back

and so it is

and so it continues every day



world without end


Art: Somnolence… / Дрёма…, originally uploaded by elenaerda.

7 thoughts on “somnolence

  1. Wow. Beautiful. Beautiful. Doesn’t sound like serious depression, sounds like real life, lived and felt and spilt out for those of us less courageous to say.

    • Thanks Susan. Truth is you’re both right, I do have depression. That’s the beast that I refer to, and it is a factor sometimes in why I sleep so much along with working 3rd shift. But I’m OK and ready to keep moving in a positive direction. I just had to “spill it out” like you said.
      Oh…and you’ve got your nerve to call yourself “less courageous” than anyone, young lady.

    • Yeah, I’ve been known to freebase free verse occasionally.
      I like the 2268 idea, better yet I could get glow in the dark tattoos on the inside of my eyelids!

      Thanks! ((((((♥)))))) back at ya!

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