Today is the day that we honor true love. To those of you who have been blessed to find true love and who have worked to keep your relationships strong and healthy through the years, I salute you.

For the rest of us bitter losers, we can take comfort in the following:

“It just made me think of you the minute I saw it.”

It’s the gift that keeps giving.

“C’mon girls, I put on my best Tractor Supply hat for the picture!”

But he didn’t say he wanted a horror free relationship.

Nothing says “commitment” like manscaping.

“Talk to the hand. Your hand.”

She puts the “moon” in honeymoon.

This one makes me grimace. Get it? Grimace? Because…OK.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently in other cultures. In Hungary, lovers anxiously await a visit from Krampus the Murderous Love Demon.

Wrong on so many levels. Just a hot steaming pile of wrong.

Maybe it’s just me, but putting the words eye and worm together should be avoided.

And then this happened:

In case you wanted to see more proposal fail, here you go:

Yeah, never Never NEVER propose in a public setting. Of course this dude can be thankful that this was only on a local TV show. It’s not like some day there’s going to be a website where embarrassing moments can be seen by millions of people….oh, right.

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day anyway.


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