So this morning I put my Mom’s address here in the South and Boodle’s address in California into MapQuest and found out how many driving miles are between where I am and where my heart is. Rounded up, the number is 2268.

2,268 miles from where I am to where I want to be.

So, how do I get there? Today I am officially launching ‘Project 2268’ and asking for your help. Every day, every day, rain or shine, depressed or not, I am to do at least one thing that gets me closer to being ready to move back to California. Right now the first priority is getting a job, either a part-time one to supplement my meager WalMart wages or preferably another job period. A real one. Right now I can’t save anything or send anything back to Boodles and Tania (who has been very patient with this, but is beginning to strain under the financial pressure). Down the road there is also the bankruptcy process.

How can my fervent readers help me with Project 2268? By leaving comments on this post or any others, related or not, that ask me “What did you do today on Project 2268?”

As simple as that. Just hold me accountable. Make me answer that question. If you don’t want to do it via a comment you can email me at misplacedboy09@gmail.com or leave a comment on Twitter or my Facebook page.

I’m not kidding or being a smart ass, I really want you to hold my feet to the fire. Looking for a job and preparing for bankruptcy are depressing for me, so I get stuck and I put things off even though I know that it’s keeping me from getting back home to Boodles. So I honestly could really could use your help.

We can do this. We are going to do this. With your help I will do this.

Thank you,



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