So I have mentioned in recent posts that I sometimes lose faith. Faith in myself, in others, and in God. Not so much that there is a God, but that he or she loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life. But sometimes you find faith in the oddest places.

Earlier this week I was cleaning the wet rack in the produce department, as I do most nights, and I saw something on the floor that looked like a red piece of hard candy or a lollipop, but it had something printed on it. I picked it up and I saw that it was a round piece of plastic or glass that had the word “Faith” on it.

Call it a sign, an omen, a coincidence, a cheap trinket that a girl named Faith dropped…I’m choosing to believe…to have faith that it means something. That somebody up there likes me and is willing to give me a chance, or two, or trillions.

Also, one of Boodles’ real names means Faith, and I’m choosing to believe and take this as a sign that I have not lost her, even though we are thousands of miles apart, that our bond is strong and we will be together one day soon. That I will find the strength…and the faith…to do what I have to do to see that this happens.

Since I found “Faith” I have carried “Faith” in my pocket, and will for as long as I have “Faith.” My “Faith” may take a beating, after a time the word may rub off, it may get broken, but I will carry it with me…and try not to lose it.


2 thoughts on “Finding Faith

  1. Nice way to find “faith.” I struggle with that myself sometimes.

    You don’t know me.. just have a search for #postaweek2011 on my Tweetdeck and checked out your blog. Nice message.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Great post, and great blog, Joe. I can relate on the part about losing faith in yourself and in others, that happens to me a lot. For me, it’s usually in those times that I turn to God and loved ones the most to lead me out of despair. I really, really hope that you are reunited with your daughter soon. Keep up the writing!

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