So this is Christmas, another one without Boodles. I’m tired of whining about it and you’re probably tired of reading it. At some point today, she will open the Nintendo DSi that I bought her with my WalMart discount. She’s been wanting it since last year and has been saving her money for it. She doesn’t know that she’s getting it today. So I know that, even though her Daddy isn’t with her today that she will have a Happy Christmas.

We, Mom, my sister Iris, and my brother-in-law Harley, aren’t really “doing” Christmas today because my niece and her family are coming in a couple days, but we did have breakfast together this morning. Iris still makes our Grandmother’s recipe for cream gravy. I don’t like it, but everybody else does.

The store was actually closed last night, and won’t open until sometime tomorrow morning, but us third shift stockers will work starting at our usual time. I spent practically all of yesterday asleep. I don’t have the mental energy or creativity to finish my Christmas song posts right now. I know the day will come when I’m a big time writer and will have to meet deadlines whether I feel like it or not, but that day is not here yet.

Harley has been in the hospital this week, he just got home yesterday. More pneumonia although they did a lot of testing to try to find other reasons why he blacks out and loses control like he does, they didn’t really find anything. He and Iris came over here for breakfast, and he’s very unsteady. After breakfast, as he was heading down the steps, Mom reminded him to grab the safety handles by the door. He put those up a few years ago, now he’s using them. A tough blow for a 68 year old man who’s always been so self sufficient.

Last week Iris and I went to get some decorations. Harley wanted some of those deer that light up and move, so we went to the store and found some. Two that we got, a doe and a buck, just lit up. The other one was a doe that lights up and her head moves up and down like she’s feeding. Well, I put her together and her head moves fine but only half of her lights work. Basically the right side of her body doesn’t light up. I was grumbling about cheap WalMart crap and wondering if I should try to take it back or try to fix it, but Mom saw it and fell in love. Mom decided that we should name the deer after her because, since she had her stroke, one side of hers doesn’t work right either. So we put her out in front as is.

So this is Christmas. We are all cripples in one way or another. None of us are what we once were, but on the other hand maybe some of us aren’t yet what we will be…what we can be.

Some of us aren’t where we want to be, but if we can hold on to hope then maybe there is still room for miracles.

So Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let’s hope it’s a good one for all of us.

Love, Joe

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8 thoughts on “So This is Christmas – 2010

  1. Yes, we are all cripples. And it makes me happy that Jesus didn’t show up as a king, or even a full-grown self-sufficient human being. He came as a helpless infant in the most humble circumstances. Merry CHristmas Joe.

  2. Merry Christmas Joe…. Well said. We all may not be where we want to be or where we could be. But there is a HOPE. Thinking of you and praying for a miracle for you in next year!! 🙂

  3. Like the beloved Charlie Brown Christmas tree, success is not waged by outward appearances but by the love in our hearts in spite of our shortcomings. Sorry if that sounds too Hallmark, but it is true. You are a very successful man, Joe.

    • As always, Crystal, thank you for your comments and your support. I’m so glad that through the Internets I have been able to rekindle friendships such as yours. My life is much richer because of them.

  4. Dear Joe,

    2011. OY…. what happened to 2010 ?

    Another year. Another notch in the proverbial belt, another crease in my forehead that no amount of Botox can erase, another reminder I haven’t accomplished what I was convinced I would do by this time last year.

    If you’re wondering…I haven’t “found myself”… even though I looked pretty hard. (I did, however find a pair of shoes in the back of my closet I’d been wondering about).

    Although I am a year older, I’m not sure about the wiser part.
    It’s getting harder to hold onto my dreams, but easier to wish them for someone younger. Then again… maybe that’s the wiser part.

    I look in the mirror and wonder who that old person is looking back at me. But, after a while I see my mom in the mirror and smile… that is a good thing. For anyone who knew my mom… that is a very good thing.

    I wonder why we wait until December 31st to think we can start over. I’ve been taking my dogs to obedience classes (for a very long time… they’re not very obedient and we flunk out occasionally). When we have a bad start to a lesson, I’ll pick my dog up and set it back down. I tell the Instructor we’re “rebooting”. Isn’t that what EVERYDAY is? A reboot? A do-over?

    So, my dear Joe, I leave you with this… one cripple to another… We are not without hope… and occasionally, we get it right. After all, there is always someone counting on us or looking back at us in the mirror.

    And when we get it wrong… reboot.

    As for 2011… I hope it holds amazing things for you, me and everyone we hold close. Keep writing. You owe it to all your loyal fans (and lurkers) and thank you for “writing real”. It gives me the courage to do the same.

    • Love the reboot thing. Keep looking BEG, you’ve got to be around here somewhere.
      Thank you for being here and being my loyal fan 🙂 I am yours as well.

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