This has been all over including Buzzfeed, Countdown, and Jesus Needs New PR, but it’s too good not to share it if you haven’t seen it yet:

Apparently the good folks at the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach decided to add some authenticity to their Christmas Pageant this year by bringing livestock into the sanctuary because, as we know, nothing makes you feel like you’re in First Century Bethlehem like a white Florida boy leading a camel around your megachurch sanctuary.

Well, camels are known to be divas on occasion, and this one decided that he was tired of “westward leading, still proceeding” and decided to have a seat in the pews.

Speaking of pew…..oh, never mind. Too easy.

By the way, we are told that no shepherds, wise men, angels, or virgins were hurt in this incident. The camel, on the other hand, is in negotiations for his own reality show on TLC.


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