This is an animation I made at the Xtranormal site (the same one from the Geico commercials). It’s a dramatic interpretation of my previous post about Daylight Stupid Time.

Because I’m a noob to the site, I had limited choices regarding characters and setting (I guess the more movies you make you get more choices), so a few changes have been made. Instead of taking place at 3am inside a WalMart, it now takes place in broad digital daylight on a street corner. And instead of two white guys talking, it’s now a Black guy in a suit and an Asian woman in a mini-skirt (Yes, Cornelius has had a sex change. Her name is now Cornelia.), other than that it’s exactly the same.

I also changed some of the dialog. I made them cuss more because it’s really fun to hear little digital people who look like Legos swear. Hee hee!

I think it turned out OK, I would love to hear what you think. Please comment here or on my YouTube channel.


One thought on “Daylight Ravings Time

  1. Hahaha! Joe- You always wanted to be a script writer! …er, always WERE a script writer. Very nice. very nice. I highly enjoyed it, … but I was expecting more swear words. Was this the G version? I’d say a few more swear words and you could call it “edgy”. A lot more swear words and it could go viral. just sayin. 🙂

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