So I love politics. I follow politics like some people follow sports. Most of the time I couldn’t care less about sports, and I’m amazed that the guys (and some of the ladies) at work can talk for hours about basketball or football. I can talk about politics forever though, unfortunately this leads to debates because, unlike sports, politics actually matters.

And I can’t debate. Maybe it’s because I take it all too seriously. Maybe it’s because I know that I don’t know enough. Maybe it’s just because I’m a chicken. Most of the time I just listen while other people ramble on. Sometimes I’ll ask questions. Sometimes I change the subject or somehow extricate myself from the conversation.

My point is, I love politics, and I love voting. I know I’m a nerd, but I love going to the polling place and casting my vote in person. I love getting the sticker and proudly wearing it for the rest of the day. Voting early by mail just doesn’t feel the same.

Then there’s the returns coverage. That’s like the Super Bowl to me. Sometimes I’ll rotate between the networks and CNN or MSNBC (never Fox) just so I don’t miss anything. I love it, even if the elections don’t go the way I want them to like the other night, I still love to watch it. Only one time in my adult life did I actually turn the TV off because I couldn’t stand it any more. That was in 2004 when it became clear that we were going to be stuck with Bush for another four godawful years. I actually turned the TV off and cried.

Last Tuesday was my first time voting here in my little southern town. This being an extremely red state I didn’t expect any of my candidates to prevail, but you never know. My polling place is a swim center with an indoor olympic size pool, I got there just before 5pm and there were still a good dozen or so people there. Maybe I’m not the only one who enjoys the tactile experience of voting. I was also happy to see that they have some adult classes starting soon, I would love to get back into swimming.

Harley had a HOG (Harley Owners Group) meeting that night (now you know where he gets his nom de blog from) so Iris asked if I wanted to go to dinner. I felt like declining because — it’s the Super Bowl! — but I figured it would be an early dinner and, being here on the east coast, I would be home by the time polls started closing.

Sure enough, we went to Five Guys and leisurely ate our cheeseburgers and fries and chatted and I was still home in time to watch the teabagging of America. Although thankfully most of the really outrageous teabaggers lost, like the non-witch, the Nazi impersonator, and the guy who got his money the old fashioned way – by inheriting it.

As in most elections in the past where things don’t go my way, I was able the other night to keep things in perspective. There is historically a mid-term backlash where the minority party gains some seats in the House and Senate, sometimes the balance of power shifts as it did the other night. These things are cyclical. Even though Orange Man will now be the Speaker of the House, the Nation will survive. I even found an orange sign that the British used to stay encouraged during the worst years of World War II that seemed appropriate:


2 thoughts on “Vote Here

  1. Bwahahahaha! So here I am a conservative in a blue state and there you are a liberal in a red state! Not that I can vote or anything, being the Canadian in the bunch… yes, and a right wing Canadian to booooot. (Thats the Canajun way to say boot) Life is full of ironies, wouldn’t you say? But I also have a passion for politics probably along the same lines as you… a bit unsure to debate, but sure as hell that I’m right! 🙂
    – I love an open mind.
    Of course, I didn’t start out a conservative. I started out a Canadian with very little sense of what I believed except for what I had picked up through osmosis from people around me – having vague feelings about what seemed right and wrong, but with no real way to defend a position.
    So I started reading. Sojourners, and many socially active organizations, as well as pretty much any major newspaper gave me left opinions. I had a hard time at first finding palatable right wing material to read until I came across Dennis Prager. He’s a real thinker. ( I never could handle too much Fox, I’ll admit, and Glenn Beck and Rush L. are too sensational)
    So anyway, I submerged from my research a full-fledged right-winger, which surprised even me. It wasn’t a comfortable identity. Being right wing is uncool. Ah well, I’ll live with it. Its an integrity issue.
    But I still have lefty friends like you and well, all the rest of my family in Canada, and some lonely souls I found scattered thinly in the church and even ywam.
    Being right wing doesn’t define me. Its just one shiny facet of my amazingly splendiforous personality.
    My condolences, Joe, for the redness of the turnout. You win some, you lose some. One million years from now, it won’t make a twig of difference between us.

    • Crystal – glad you commented aboot this post.
      I do agree that it’s an integrity issue. People who lean right or left have vastly different ways of interpreting and acting on ways to live out lives of integrity…those who are trying anyway, and I think we can all agree that there are many on the right, left, and everywhere in between who aren’t trying at all.
      In some ways I wonder if our political leanings are hardwired in us, or if they develop like taste in food. Either way, I realize that there is little use for arguments about it. If I think tapioca pudding is just the greatest thing on earth and is the very definition of food of the gods, but you think it’s just one step removed from sewer bilge, nothing I do or say is going to convince you otherwise.
      Mmmmmm…tapioca pudding.
      Oh. So that’s why I don’t argue politics. That and the fact that most people whom I would get into arguments are idiots. You and I could sit and have a reasonable discussion and agree to disagree, but I fear that is not the case with very many people in these times.
      I probably would agree with you about Dennis Prager. He started on KABC Talk Radio in LA and I used to listen to him, but haven’t for a long time. My problem with him is a long story that I will tell someday, and to be fair, it may not even be his fault…but I have a personal issue with him on a gut level. I do agree that, from what I remember, he is a thinker and not a bombastic blowhole like the other gentlemen and network that you mentioned.

      Again, always nice to hear from you. You’ll always be an apt one in my book. 😉

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