A Daddy stands in the backroom of the produce department, he isn’t supposed to be using a cell phone back there.
Mommy: Hello?
Daddy: Hi. I promised her that I would call her, but I forgot my phone. I borrowed one from a friend.
Mommy: Oh, you’re at work?
Daddy: Yeah.
Mommy: OK, let me get her.
Daughter: Hi Daddy.
Daddy: Hi sweetie, how are you?
Daughter: Good.
Daddy: I promised you that I would call you, and I wanted to keep my promise but I forgot my phone when I left for work tonight.
Daughter: Daddy, I have to tell you something.
Daddy: What’s that sweetie?
Daughter: Yesterday you forgot your glasses and today you forgot your phone.
The Daddy remembers that he did tell his daughter last night that he was having a hard time at work because he had left his glasses at home.
Daddy: I know, baby. Daddy’s forgetful, that’s one of my problems. But you know what?
The Daddy’s voice starts to crack.
Daddy: I never forget how much I love you. Do you understand?
Daughter: I love you too.
Daddy: I love you so much, baby, I never ever forget that. OK, sweetie?
Daughter: OK, I’m getting ready to take a bath.
Daddy: OK, baby. Go take your bath, I’ll talk to you soon.
Daughter: OK, bye Daddy.
Daddy: Bye sweetie.
The Daddy presses the “end call” button, then goes into the produce cooler and cries.

Art: Telephone Line, originally uploaded by artwork_rebel.

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